Punching Bag Price in BD, 2022 Update

Punching Bag Price in BD

Well, do you want to know the punching bag price in BD? well, you arrived at the right place. Below, we will mention the price of punching bags through the article. keep reading the article carefully to know the price of Punching Bag.

There are different types of punching bags such as hanging, sitting, sandbags, and aqua are available in Bangladesh.  Each type varies in size, shape, and weight and with a few other factors. However, Each of them provides a different experience and resistance to the individual, so it is necessary to choose the products wisely.

Punching Bag Price in BD

A punching bag workout is also known as a heavy bag workout. This boxing bag is to be attached to the ceiling or any stand during practice. When you practice regularly with this bag, with it you get the best of both, Cardio (with speed) and strength training (with a punch). This is not just a practice for your arms, it can help the total exercise involving the chest, shoulders, legs, and core.

In the below table, we will talk about different types of punching bag prices that are available in Bangladesh.

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Note that, the price of the punching bag may vary for size, shape and weight, and a few other factors. Also, the price may vary from store to store and your locations. Typically, we update the price of the product once within a month. If the price becomes higher or lower, we will let you know through the article.

How to use a Punching Bag?

At first, choosing the right kind of heavy bag for your workout is vital. You need to use a bag about half of the weight that will provide the right amount of resistance to your punches. Besides, you need to decide what ingredients to fill in the pinching bag. Before starting your workout, you need hand wraps and boxing hand gloves to protect your hands and knuckles.

When you stretch and prepare your body for your exercise routine you reduce the risk of injury and muscle pain. Be sure to stretch your arms, back arms, and legs before approaching the thrust bag. You may want to warm up with some cardio such as a light jug or short jump rope session. After warm-up properly, then you start your main workout.

Especially at the beginning, you need to start slowly. Because punching bags are primarily designed to help create and develop striking energy and take time to create. Start working the bag for 30 seconds and increase your time by another 30 seconds with each new session. Intense striking sessions should not last longer than 5 minutes. Limit yourself to 3 or 4 sessions a week by working in bags. Do not apply excessive force to your punches and kicks or you may run the risk of injury.

After all, balance and posture are important when working with a punching bag. When you punch the bag, make sure that the knuckles of your index and middle fingers are hitting the bag first. If accidentally hit with the small knuckles increase your chances of a break. That’s why keep the focus on the balance. Besides, when you punch, keep yourself balanced by keeping both feet on the floor.

Where to Buy Punching Bag in Bangladesh

Nowadays punching bags are very popular in Bangladesh, you will find them everywhere in the country. if you want to purchase the punching bag, go to your nearest Gym Equipment Shop or Gym accessories shop. Punching bags are also available at different online shops including Evaly, Daraz, Othoba.com, ajkerdeal.com, etc. So, you can purchase it from an online website.


Many punching bags have been designed for a specific part of your body or sports skills. Therefore, you need to choose carefully according to your needs. In this pandemic and social distancing situation, a punching bag can be your best training buddy. we hope that the information discussed in the article about the Punching Bag will be helpful for you. Please let us know your thoughts about the Punching Bag through the comments.

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