Raymond Suit Price in Bangladesh

Raymond Suit Price in Bangladesh

Do you want to know Raymond suit price in Bangladesh? In this article, we will discuss the price of a Raymond suit fabric and where you can buy the original Raymond suit fabric or Raymond suit. So let’s get started without delay.

Raymond is one of the renowned textile companies in Bangladesh. Raymond is an Indian-branded company. Who sells fabric and fashion retail and it was organized in 1925. You would be surprised to know that Raymond manufactures suiting fabrics with the capacity to produce 31 million meters of wool and wool-blended fabrics.

Raymond Suit Price in Bangladesh

You can find many kinds of clothes for making suits in the market. But whenever someone wants to make a suit or wants to buy, everyone’s first choice is Raymond. Because their fabrics are very well made which ensures comfort for you when worn. So, Raymond Suit is one of the most famous brands in Bangladesh.

Below, we will discuss Raymond’s suit, the price of pants, and much more. Which will help you make the right decision to make your ‘kids shirt, trousers, and skirt or shorts. So read the whole article carefully and get to know Raymond’s clothes better. Usually, there are many types of Raymond suits available in the market. Below we will give some Raymond suits price.

Raymond Suit Price Range:

Suits Name                         Price
Men Navy Single-Breasted Slim Fit Tuxedo Suit.14999 TK
Men Blue Contemporary Fit Bandhgala Suit.11499 TK
Men Charcoal Grey Solid Contemporary Fit Formal Suit.13999 TK
Men Violet Solid Single-Breasted Formal Suit.11999 TK
Men Black Solid Contemporary Fit Tuxedo.14999 TK
Men Navy Blue Contemporary Fit Single-Breasted Formal Suit.13999 TK
Men Grey Solid Single-Breasted Regular Contemporary Fit Ethnic Bandhgala Suit.13999 TK

Would You Like to Rent or Purchase a Raymond Suit?

You may know that the price of the Raymond suit is much higher than other suits. Not everyone can afford to buy a Raymond suit. Many people buy a suit for their wedding but many cannot afford it because of the high price. But no worries, Raymond rents a suit for the wedding.

If your budget is low and you want a designer suit or tuxedo. However, you can rent a Raymond suit or tuxedo for only 2 to 3 thousand rupees. But keep in mind that it will only be rented to you for the wedding day, not at the end of the wedding.

If you want suits for special occasions reading, we say you can buy a Raymond suit or make one from them. This is because once you spend money you can own a Raymond Suite, without having to spend money separately. Once you make a Raymond suit, it will be yours for life. So, if you want to take a formal suit, we think it would be better to buy it at once.

What are the Most Suitable Colors?

You will find many color suits of Raymond, but it is very difficult to choose which color suit will be perfect for you. When going to buy a suit, many people hesitate about the color of the clothes. So let’s find out about the color of some suits

  • Blue Wedding Suit
  • Grey Wedding Suit
  • Black Wedding Suit

Blue Wedding Suit

Usually blue is the best option for a wedding. There are many types of blue, especially in the shade of midnight blue, cobalt blue, or solid blue, it is considered a charming color. Suits of these colors give a lasting impression of formality to the men who wear them.

Moreover, these blue colors find a balance between the formality of the wedding and the formality of the ceremony. Also, this color has equal insanity in both young and old generations.

Grey Wedding Suit

If you only wear a morning coat for your wedding then a classic gray suit would be a good option. This charcoal gray suit is considered the second-best option after blue for a formal wedding. Over the last few years, the elegance of this light gray and lightweight fabric has been creating a trend for casual destination weddings. Because this suit gives a very comfortable feeling, the color of which can impress the bride. We hope this classic gray suit is the second-best option for you.

Black Wedding Suit

Black is a high-formal color that may not be suitable for a wedding setting. But this color suit is best for tuxedos and evening wear. Many people do not like black suits for weddings. Moreover, in many countries, black suits are set aside for funerals and in those countries, black marriages are not considered. But if you are looking for a formal suit then we think black is the best choice for you.


As you can see above, we have discussed Raymond Suite above. Hopefully, after the above discussion, you will now be able to make the right decision about which type and what color suit will be suitable for you. Moreover, we have discussed which color suit would be better for the wedding. We hope that you find the helpful article that will help you buy a Raymond suit and now you able to know Raymond Suit Price in Bangladesh.

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