Top 5 Best Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood in 2023

Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood

Are you planning to rejuvenate worn-out furniture or give it a fresh look with a natural wood finish? The crucial first step is to bid farewell to that outdated paint. Yet, without the right sandpaper for the job, stripping paint from wood can pose a significant challenge.

For the optimal removal of paint from wood, the go-to solution is sanding. Unlike paint strippers that may harm the wood while inadequately removing the paint, sanding provides a more reliable method.

However, the process of sanding comes with its own set of challenges. The key to a successful furniture repainting venture lies in using high-quality sandpaper, assuming you have the courage and skill to tackle the task.

With a multitude of sandpaper options available, our dedicated professional teams invested hours in research to identify the top 5 choices. To discover more about these recommended sandpapers, delve into the details as you continue reading.

Top pick

Miady Assorted Grit Sandpaper

Miady Assorted Grit Sandpaper

The Miady mixed grit sandpapers bundle comprises three sheets for each grit, ranging from 120 grit up to 3000 grit.

Editor’s choice

3M General Purpose Sandpaper

3M General Purpose Sandpaper

The pack consists of two sheets for each grit size: coarse, medium, and fine, ensuring a smooth finish.

Best value

HSYMQ Variety Pack Sandpaper

HSYMQ Variety Pack Sandpaper

The sandpapers from HSYMQ boast tensile resistance technology, ensuring their durability for effective polishing.

Best Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood Reviews

In this category, there are various paint options available. Nevertheless, not all of them may be suitable for your specific needs. Choose a paint that aligns with your requirements.

1. Miady Assorted Grit Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood

Miady Assorted Grit Sandpaper

Do you have a plethora of tasks lined up for the year, perhaps involving various projects? Amidst the uncertainties of the ongoing pandemic, having the right tools can significantly ease the passage of time. That’s where this 36-piece bundle of sandpaper comes in handy.

While the idea of owning 36 sheets of sandpaper may sound extravagant, discovering their versatile applications and cost-effectiveness will likely change your perspective.

The Miady mixed grit sandpapers bundle comprises three sheets for each grit, ranging from 120 grit up to 3000 grit. This variety allows you to achieve optimal polishing results. Crafted from premium-grade, water-resistant silicon carbide, these sandpapers excel in both dry and wet sanding applications.

Despite other options on the market offering various pack sizes, the 36 sheets in this bundle may seem excessive to some. However, the potential of achieving a superb finish makes them stand out.

Most Popular Features:

Miady sandpapers are suitable for a diverse range of tasks, including metalwork, woodworking, and art projects. The back of the grits is printed for easy identification, and the paper can be easily cut into smaller sizes for convenience.

Potential Drawbacks:

These sandpaper sheets are designed for individuals with a need for multiple grits. If you only require a specific grit, this extensive bundle may not be the most suitable choice.

Key Attributes:

  • Multipurpose, premium assorted grit sandpapers
  • Evenly spread electro-coated grit
  • 36 durable, affordable, and long-lasting sandpapers
  • Optimal use with 9*3.6-inch papers for various applications.

2. 3M General Purpose Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood

3M General Purpose Sandpaper

If you’re in search of high-quality sandpaper for non-professional woodworking, this option could be your ideal choice. The package includes six all-purpose sandpapers, allowing you to avoid purchasing unnecessary items.

A long-standing and reputable brand in the industry is 3M, known for its widespread use due to the versatility of its sandpapers.

Thanks to its composition with the mineral aluminum oxide, this paper can accommodate finer sand, enhancing its overall performance.

The pack consists of two sheets for each grit size: coarse, medium, and fine, ensuring a smooth finish. Despite being budget-friendly and manufactured in China, it’s worth noting that your local hardware store might offer even more affordable alternatives.

However, when compared to other all-purpose sandpapers, there isn’t a significant distinction. While 3M papers have a finer grit, some users have reported a slightly less effective adherence to the grit.

Most Notable Features:

Simplified everyday use with only three grits.Versatile application on metal, wood, and paint, meeting general-purpose sanding needs effectively.

Potential Drawbacks:

May not be the optimal choice for paint preparation due to the limited three grit options.Some users have expressed concerns about the adhesive strength of the grit.

Key Attributes:

  • Highly user-friendly and suitable for various purposes.
  • Quality sandpaper suitable for beginners.
  • Affordable package containing six sheets with three different grit options, providing value compared to standard sandpaper packages.

3. HSYMQ Variety Pack Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood

HSYMQ Variety Pack Sandpaper

Imagine having all the essential sandpapers you need without breaking the bank – sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Well, with HSYMQ, you can enjoy the convenience of a 24-piece set, encompassing all 12 grit sandpapers. As long as you use only what you need, you’ll have access to a comprehensive range of grits.

The sandpapers from HSYMQ boast tensile resistance technology, ensuring their durability for effective polishing. What sets them apart is their waterproof feature, allowing both dry and wet sanding – a significant advantage, especially for beginners.

These versatile papers cater to a myriad of projects, whether it’s wet sanding car dents, removing paint, or refinishing an old handrail. With all 12 grades at your disposal, achieving professional results is simple with just a steady hand.

HSYMQ’s packs may offer one less paper, but they provide numerous grit possibilities compared to other brands like Fandeli Variety Grit pack. Your choice ultimately depends on your preferences.

Noteworthy Features:

The sandpapers measure 9 by 3.6 inches but can be easily adjusted to your preferred size.The reverse side of the sheets ensures effortless handling and polishing, adding to their user-friendly nature.

Potential Drawbacks:

Some users report that higher grits may not maintain their longevity. Despite claims, a few users find them less suitable for wet sanding.

Key Attributes:

  • A cost-effective set offering a wide selection of sandpapers.
  • Versatile for various purposes.
  • Easy to handle, with a convenient storage bag included.

4. Fandeli Assorted Grit Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood

Fandeli Assorted Grit Sandpaper

Are you in need of robust sandpapers suitable for any surface? Look no further than Fandeli, the optimal choice. Crafted with aluminum oxide mineral, Fandeli Sandpaper guarantees high quality and comfort during use.

Sanding, a task that often becomes challenging due to debris and blockage, can compromise the effectiveness of sandpaper. Traditional sandpapers trap wood or metal grains, leading to a decline in their quality.

Enter Fandeli sandpapers – uniquely anti-clogging, they significantly minimize waste and enhance workflow. Say goodbye to slowdowns during tasks; Fandeli ensures quick completion. The exceptional feature of being anti-clogging sets Fandeli apart.

While some argue there is no single finest sandpaper for paint removal from wood, Fandeli proves itself with competitive prices and top-notch quality. In a market where sandpapers often share comparable quality and costs, Fandeli stands out with its affordability.

Most Popular Features:

Remarkably thick paper sheets.Ideal sand-to-glue ratio for working with metal and wood.A set of 25 sheets offering three different grit strengths: 80, 120, and 220.

Potential Drawbacks:

Despite being cost-effective, Fandeli sandpapers may not be as durable as some competitors. Some experienced woodworkers note a tendency for them to wear off relatively quickly.

Key Attributes:

  • Well-suited grit selection for novice woodworkers.
  • Anti-clogging feature promotes efficient operation.
  • Set includes 25 sheets with 80, 120, and 220 grit.
  • Extremely competitive prices compared to other brands.

5. Lanney Store Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood

Lanney Store Sandpaper

No more beating around the bush. Are you in search of the real deal, the go-to choice for virtually every seasoned woodworker? Look no further; invest in this set. Practically every skilled woodworker swears by either this collection or 3M sandpapers due to the unparalleled value they provide.

Lanney store’s sandpaper is crafted for abrasiveness, available in 36, 60, or a whopping 102-paper packs. The 36 and 60 packs boast 120 sheets at 3000 grit, while the extensive 102-pack offers a staggering 80–3000 grit range. That’s a plethora of sandpapers!

For anyone delving into carpentry, plastic grinding, metal polishing, or the arts, a substantial supply of sandpaper is essential. These sheets also exhibit exceptional durability during storage, making a bulk purchase a wise investment rather than a squandering of money.

Comparable to the Miady Assorted Grit Pack among other 36-pack options, this set stands out. So, feel free to opt for either of them. However, if you’re eyeing a quantity surpassing 36, your destination should be the Lanney store.

Most Notable Features:

Soft-backed, waterproof sandpapers suitable for both dry and wet sanding. Generous grit assortments in larger packs. Electro-coated silicon carbide ensures the grit stays intact during sanding.

Possible Drawbacks:

Despite claims of flawless metal functionality, there may be some inconsistencies.Grit designations on the back of the papers can occasionally be inaccurate, causing user inconvenience.

Key Attributes:

  • Available in 36, 60, and 102 pack options.
  • Grit range spans from 80 to 3000 grits.
  • Robust backing paper that resists tearing.
  • Exceptional customer service provided by the Lanney Store.

Things to consider before buying Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood

best Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood

Sanding stands as a pivotal step in various craft processes, whether it’s preparing a surface for painting or achieving a polished finish. For those new to the field, navigating the diverse world of sandpapers to find the right grit for paint preparation might seem daunting. Here are key considerations to ensure you select the appropriate sandpaper:


Grits measure the abrasiveness of sandpaper, with a higher number indicating a finer abrasive. Lower grits work faster but require more force. Different woods necessitate varying sanding forces, so for woodwork, start with lower grits like 120 for initial sanding, progressing to 180 or 220 for the final sanding. Select sandpaper packets tailored to your specific grit needs.

Choice of Substance:

If working solely with wood, a few grades of sandpaper may suffice. However, for diverse materials like metal or plastic, consider purchasing assorted packs. Craftsmen focusing on wood exclusively might benefit from larger packs such as the Lanney Store Sandpaper, while those working with multiple materials can explore options like 3M general purpose sandpapers.

Wet and Dry Sanding:

Many sandpapers are designed for dry use, and attempting wet sanding with these may lead to adhesive issues. Ensure you choose sandpapers explicitly labeled for wet and dry use. For everyday applications, wet and dry sandpapers are convenient, offering versatility for various projects.

Skill and Technique:

Sanding requires skill, and if uncertain, practice on older furniture or consult a professional. Avoid over-sanding for a fine finish. Investing in high-quality sandpaper is essential for DIY enthusiasts. Follow these tips to identify the best product for your needs.

Whether you’re into woodworking, metalworking, or plastic crafting, understanding these factors will guide you in making informed choices when selecting sandpapers. Check out our list, including the stainless steel scratch remover, for additional products that might catch your interest.

Answers to frequently asked questions

1. Is it necessary to use 3000 grit sandpapers for woodworking?

No, it’s not necessary. Wood doesn’t require such fine sanding for a smooth finish. A 220 grit sandpaper is sufficient to achieve a nice finish on various types of wood.

Therefore, 3000 grit sandpapers are not essential for woodworking.

2. Can sandpaper be stored at home?

Yes, sandpapers can be stored at home for an extended period, even if they aren’t being used. Most brands provide these sheets in a compact bag, allowing you to store them conveniently. However, it’s crucial to ensure the bag is airtight and kept in a dry location.

3. How do garnet and silicon carbide sandpapers differ?

Garnet is a natural sanding material that wears out relatively quickly but provides a superior polish. On the other hand, Silicon Carbide features a waterproof surface and is less prone to clogging compared to other materials. Choosing the right sandpaper type can be challenging; for more information, check out this article on All About Sandpapers.

4. Which brand offers the best sandpaper?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all “best grit sandpaper for paint prep,” brands like 3M, Miady, and Lanney Store have earned a reputation for providing high-quality sandpaper at reasonable prices.

5. Do sandpapers have edges?

Contrary to sharpness, sandpapers are not sharp. Their function is to abrade the grains of the materials they are used on, making them abrasive. Therefore, sandpapers are not sharp but rather abrasive, as needed for their purpose.

Last words

Devoid of artistry, inspiration resembles a reed tossed in the wind,” remarked Johannes Brahms. Engaging in a hands-on endeavor brings more joy than one might anticipate.

Thus, though honing this skill may pose a challenge, possessing the finest sandpaper for paint removal from wood proves exceptionally advantageous. As you’ve journeyed this far, we trust you’ve identified the sandpaper that suits you best.

Create, rest, and construct!

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