Best Scrapbooking Pens of 2024 for Perfect Scrapbooking Creations and Memories

Best Scrapbooking Pens

Both novices and seasoned professionals engaged in scrapbooking crafts understand the significance of investing in top-quality scrapbooking pens for the success of their projects and artworks.

The frustration with pens that smear across various surfaces or markers that quickly run out of ink is well-known. Additionally, the annoyance caused by the mess created by poor-quality pens is a common experience.

Top pick

TANMIT 36 Colors Gel Pens Set

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Experience premium quality with our 36 colored gel pens featuring colored grips. Ideal for drawing, coloring, and crafting with smooth performance.

Editor’s choice

Aen Art 36 Colors Journal Planner Pens

Aen Art ‎HDL408

Unlock a world of 36 vibrant colors with our premium gift set of fine liner pens. Perfect for journaling, planning, and creativity.

Best value

Castle Art Supplies 100 Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Set

Castle Art ‎CAS-GP

Unwrap a Box of Delights: Ultimate gel pen set with vibrant colors, designed for inspiration, sensational to use, and skill-building tutorials.

Given these challenges, it becomes imperative to meticulously evaluate the types of scrapbooking pens one invests in.

Fortunately, for those seeking assistance in selecting the most suitable scrapbooking pens for their art projects, this post serves as a valuable resource, offering comparisons among various options.

1. TANMIT 36 Colors Gel Pens Set

TANMIT 36 Colors Gel Pens Set

Opting for non-toxic and acid-free pens is a common preference in the realm of scrapbooking, and this gel pens set perfectly aligns with that choice. The set offers a diverse range of unique, vibrant, and bright colors in various styles, making it highly recommended for coloring, sketching, drawing, and writing purposes.

With fine tips and large-capacity ink, these gel pens are thoughtfully designed for efficiency. The well-organized packaging further enhances their appeal, facilitating easy storage after use. This organized arrangement simplifies the process of picking the desired colors during creative work, adding convenience to the overall experience. The sleek and ergonomic design of these pens ensures a comfortable grip, preventing hand fatigue during extended use.

Carrying these pens on the go has become a habit for me, given their reliability whenever creativity strikes. Despite my frequent use for various artworks, the affordability of these highlighter pens makes replenishing my art supplies a budget-friendly endeavor.

While these pens excel in creating nice solid lines, I did encounter a minor drawback. The ink tends to run out faster than expected, catching me by surprise. It’s possible that my enthusiasm for using them led me to overlook the ink consumption. Nevertheless, the pros of their acid-free formulation, organized storage, and vibrant colors make them a worthwhile investment for any scrapbooking enthusiast.

2. Aen Art 36 Colors Journal Planner Pens

Aen Art 36 Colors Journal Planner Pens

I consider these pens to be among the best for card making, a purpose I specifically tested them for. However, their versatility extends beyond this application, making them suitable for various activities and projects both at school and work. Their ease of writing and inking sets them apart from other options.

These multifunctional fine-liners stand out for being resistant to bleeding and quick-drying. With a water-based, acid-free, and non-toxic design, these pens provide a safe artistic experience for both adults and younger users. The slim and easy-to-control shape enhances their usability, and they perform exceptionally well on different paper types and weights. The pleasant and vibrant range of colors adds to their appeal.

Having been my companion since my university days, these fine line pens remain a valuable asset on my office table during my professional life. I find them indispensable for journaling, sketching, planning, note-taking, and calendar-related tasks.

The smooth writing experience of these smudge-free pens enhances comfort during use, whether for writing or artistic activities. The sturdy metal-clad design prevents the tip from breaking or wiggling, ensuring their durability. Moreover, they resist fading when erased over, and their affordability positions them as excellent premium gift sets for various occasions.

While the pens excel in their purpose, I do wish for enhancements in the product’s packaging. The current packaging lacks convenience and appears somewhat flimsy. Fortunately, this aspect doesn’t overshadow the excellent performance of the pens.

3. Castle Art Supplies 100 Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Set

Castle Art Supplies 100 Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Set

I highly endorse these gel pens as some of the best for scrapbooking. This product presents an extensive array of high-quality colors for users to choose from. The special effects they produce, including glistening shades, metallic, pastel, swirl, glitter, and neon colors, are truly captivating. Exploring and experimenting with the distinct effects of each pen adds an exciting dimension to creative projects.

The smooth fine-tip gel pens are comfortable to hold, and their secure snap-on caps ensure convenient usage. Formulated as acid-free and non-toxic, these markers prioritize safety for users of all ages, making them excellent gifts for art enthusiasts and aspiring artists.

This gel pen set is suitable for family art activities, providing quick-drying ink that eliminates smearing and messy outcomes. Embrace creativity without concerns about the aftermath.

While this product may not fall into the category of the most budget-friendly options currently available, it represents a worthwhile investment due to its extensive and high-quality color selection. The reputation of the brand adds to its credibility, justifying a slightly higher cost for the value it delivers.

4. ARTISTRO Metallic Acrylic Paint Pens

ARTISTRO Metallic Acrylic Paint Pens

These acrylic paint pens precisely cater to the preferences of art enthusiasts who seek impressive metallic effects. Featuring an extra-fine 0.7mm tip, these paint markers are water-based and utilize vivid acrylic ink. The quick-drying ink delivers a durable opaque and lustrous finish on various surfaces, including ceramic, fabric, stone, metal, wood, and canvas.

Having used these paint pens on both light and dark surfaces, I can attest to their effectiveness. Their standout quality lies in their ability to create an impressive metallic effect, making them ideal for projects like rock painting. For scrapbooking purposes, these paint pens prove to be reliable and enhance the overall finish of the project.

A notable advantage of these paint pens, especially for individuals with sensitive senses, is their non-toxic formulation, ensuring there is no irksome odor during use. This feature makes them suitable for prolonged and frequent use without causing discomfort. As someone who enjoys creating customized gifts for loved ones and friends, these paint markers have become my preferred choice, enabling me to express my artistic and creative side without incurring significant costs.

However, it’s essential to note that, contrary to the product description, these acrylic paint pens may not perform exceptionally well on glass surfaces. In my experience, the ink tended to come off easily when rubbed with a finger on a glass medium.

5. Ohuhu Metallic Markers Pens Fine Point Set

Ohuhu Metallic Markers Pens Fine Point Set

I’m delighted with my investment in the best pen for writing on photos. These metallic markers have proven to be non-bleeding and versatile, making them suitable for a variety of art projects. The 1-mm fine tip design strikes an excellent balance between coverage and control, ensuring I can work on various activities without worrying about smudges or blotches. These paint pens particularly shine when used on black paper and cardboard mediums.

The consistent and rich colors these paint pens offer enhance my artworks, whether applied to dark or light surfaces. Opting for eco-friendly products is essential for me, and these markers align with that preference, being safe for the environment and free from toxins, acid, and odors.

These versatile art pens have become my go-to companions for coloring, drawing, and writing. The captivating glitter effects they produce elevate the aesthetic appeal of my artworks and scrapbooks. I appreciate the lack of mess during cleanup, making the overall experience seamless.

The water-based and fast-drying nature of these art pens ensures convenience during use. Their long-lasting pigments contribute to the durability of the artworks, and the extraordinary glimmer sets them apart. Interestingly, there’s no need to pump or shake them before the first use.

While these metallic markers excel in many aspects, I offer a word of caution regarding the fine tip, which appears somewhat delicate. It’s advisable to handle it with extra care and avoid pressing too hard to prevent the fine tip from going flat.


In conclusion, assembling the right art tools and accessories in your arsenal is essential for crafting an impressive scrapbook. The use of the best scrapbooking pens ensures the preservation of your experiences and memories for an extended period.

Engaging in artistic hobbies is a popular avenue for expressing feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Unleashing our creative side is made more effective with the assistance of the right art tools, allowing us to explore and enhance our crafts.

Selecting the appropriate pen for your scrapbooking endeavors plays a crucial role in facilitating a more refined expression, providing valuable support to your creativity. The right choice of pens contributes significantly to the overall success and visual appeal of your scrapbook projects.

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