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Semi Permanent Eyeliner

There are so many beauty things that you should mull over too much, and eyeliner is one of them. After all, it is a difficult undertaking to pull off an uneven wing. Yet, with the finest semi permanent eyeliner, you can essentially kiss any imperfect eyeliner good-bye.

For your nice knowledge, eyeliners wield a huge influence on cosmetic aficionados that other items seldom do. One acceptable stroke retains the power to produce a significant impact to the eye seem. Also, no matter how precisely you draw your eyeliner, you should know if it lasts all day.

Also, there is an impossibility of managing life with only one semi permanent eyeliner. Since you cannot service your numerous eye appearances, such as smoky, cat eye, graphic, squiggly or foxy eye makeup with just one product.

Trying numerous cosmetic styles, you can demand eyeliners that satisfy your needs. That’s why we have picked together the highest quality waterproof eyeliner for the waterline to save your money and effort. So without any more delay, let’s see what we brought for you to the table.

Top pick

Stilla Semi Permanent Eyeliner Pen

Stilla Semi Permanent Eyeliner Pen

This waterproof eyeliner glides on easily without skipping or smearing.

Editor’s choice

The Flick Stick Semi Permanent Eyeliner

The Flick Stick Semi Permanent Eyeliner

It features a wing-shaped stamp on one side and a marker-tip on the other end.

Best value

NYX Professional Semi Permanent Eyeliner

NYX Professional Semi Permanent Eyeliner

The product has a rich pigmentation and draws a line that is even and smooth.

Best Semi Permanent Eyeliner Reviews

Having too many alternatives always makes us confused, and we could end up picking the incorrect one, no doubt about it. We have picked down the most demanding semi-permanent eyeliners below. Here you can examine the high-quality items with all the specs to enjoy the greatest buy.

1. Stilla Semi Permanent Eyeliner Pen | Stay All Day | Waterproof

Stilla Semi Permanent Eyeliner Pen

Are you seeking for an eyeliner with a small tip that glides across your top lash line with ease? This Stilla semi-permanent eyeliner is amazing. It is one of the most-selling eyeliners and recommended by prominent beauty professionals and cosmetic artists.

Once you obtain this eyeliner for sensitive, watery eyes in your cosmetic collection, you will hang-up all the other brands you use often. Initially, let’s discuss about its fine applicator tip. The marker-like tip is incredibly thin, making it simple to apply both a fine line or a bold wing.

This waterproof eyeliner glides on easily without skipping or smearing.

The novices can draw a perfect wing instantaneously within a minute. All you need is to pull your eye’s outer region to stretch and smooth before lining and release after drawing a line. Now, you see how precise your wings are!

Probably, it precisely accomplishes what its name suggests, remains all day! After drawing the line, you will not need to wait much longer because it dries rapidly. Additionally, it produces a precise winged liner that stays in even if you sweat a much.

But, aside strong black, you will receive several colors in this series. All of them have the same recipe and perform excellently. Stilla has been an exciting beauty company that blends the artistry meet innovation with a current elegant. Hopefully, you will not regret buying this one.

Key Features 

  • Stays place all day long.
  • Smudge-free and waterproof.
  • Glides on smoothly.
  • Precise and crisp line.

2. The Flick Stick Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Winged Stamp | 2 in 1

The Flick Stick Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Virtually everyone finds it tough to pull off the identical wings on both eyes every time attempting to draw eyeliners. If you have this problem quite often, acquire the Flick Stick semi permanent eyeliner without any second thought.

After waking up in the morning and getting ready for the office, you might not have much time to stand in front of the mirror and fight to make the eyeliner wings flawless.

If you are running late for morning-office, this is the easy option to get ready within a few minutes.

First of all, let’s discuss about its structure.

It features a wing-shaped stamp on one side and a marker-tip on the other end. Consequently, you can predict that sketching the wings is much more pleasant with such stamp. Simply set the stamp on the outer eye corner, and thus, your wings are ready!

To eliminate the wing-liner problem of both newcomers and pros, praises to this stamp eyeliner. You do not need to buy stencils or attempt tricks to obtain a crisp and flawless line because, with Flick Stick liner, you will have the confidence to draw eyeliner and finish off the newest style that you have been yearning to try!

Just stamp it and wing it! That tells all about the eyeliner. Nonetheless, you must not fret about its durability because it remains smudge-proof and stays out all day long. Hence, the finest semi permanent eyeliner from the Flick Stick will make your makeup routine much more straightforward.

Key Features

  • smudge eyeliner.
  • wings are quickly drawn.
  • two-pronged pen.
  • Long-lasting.

3. NYX Professional Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Felt Tip | Vegan

NYX Professional Semi Permanent Eyeliner

The NYX Epic Ink Semi Permanent Eyeliner is exactly what you need if you like thick, intense, waterproof eyeliner to finish your beauty look. With this expert eyeliner, you can easily get the ideal and durable cat-eye effect.

Because the maker created the applicator tip so fine and straight, the user may draw lines that are as thin or bold as they choose. With its incredibly accurate tip, you may create drawing strokes that flow on smoothly and have a distinct finish.

Hence, by lightly pressing down, you may adjust the line’s thickness.

But, if you care about animals, you should be aware that this eyeliner is made without using any inhumane practices. The firm doesn’t use animals in any of its testing.

The product has a rich pigmentation and draws a line that is even and smooth. This eyeliner should be your first priority whether you’re getting ready for a day of sightseeing or a business trip since it will last all day without smudging.

With this really black eyeliner, though, you may get whatever look you want: subtle, natural, wide, or bold. Wearing this semi-permanent eyeliner while swimming or crying won’t cause it to budge or transfer to your face. Hence, more than any other cosmetic item, you can rely on this one to be faultless.

Key Features

  • a felt-tipped brush
  • Strongly colored and weatherproof.
  • not transferable.
  • the very blackest eyeliner.

4. iMethod Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Long-Wear | Cat-Eye Stamp

iMethod Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Do you prefer to spend an additional ten minutes in bed in the morning rather than rising early to perfect your winged eyeliner? If you use iMethod semi permanent eyeliner, you may spend an additional 20 minutes in bed because your morning cosmetic procedure will take less time. For knowledge, continue reading.

A dual-ended eyeliner with a winged stamp on one end and a pen eyeliner on the other has been created by iMethod. You apply the wing to the outer corner of your eyes and draw a line in the direction of the inner corner. As a result, making a crisp wing is no longer difficult!

You will receive two identical pens in this eyeliner duo set, one for the left and one for the right eye. This proves that it is far more pleasant to draw perfectly symmetrical lines on both of your eyes.

You will see that the excitement around this eyeliner is real after trying it. The wing stamp looks good on all eye shapes, whether they are chinky, hooded, mono, or any other variation. After all, this particular gadget will permanently alter how you use wingliners.

Anyway, the best semi-permanent eyeliner comes in lovely packaging. Because of this, you may include it and our fake eyelashes in a gift basket for your girlfriend or any other friend who enjoys wearing cosmetics.

Key Features

  • a set of two.
  • sharp, pointy tip.
  • Stamps make drawing wings simple.
  • matte surface.

5. Haus Laboratory Semi Permanent Eyeliner | Gel Pencil | Microtip

Haus Laboratory Semi Permanent Eyeliner

The final semi-permanent eyeliner on our list comes from Haus laboratories and helps you get your ideal eye appearance without fading during the day. You really need to have it in your cosmetic vanity. Let’s learn more about its specifics.

The Haus laboratory eyeliner pen is what you need if you only want to quickly draw a circle around your eyes. You could be confused when drawing a line since the result is so intense and lasts for so long that you wonder if you have a permanent tattoo or not.

Several eyeliner types transfer a lot of color onto the oily eyelids, giving the eyes a raccoon-like appearance. If you experience the same problem, replace your usual eyeliner with this one. This liquid eyeliner that lasts “all day long” does not budge, smear, or transfer to the lower eyelid for more than 12 hours.

Let’s now discuss the applicator tip. Its felt tip eyeliner’s applicator is strong, straight, and makes it simple to rapidly create a precise line. With its fine and flexible tip that lends a subtle definition to your eyes, eyeliner is a simple skill to learn.

Key Features

  • Making a line is simple.
  • dependable applicator tip
  • smooth and straight as it applies.
  • dries rapidly.

Things To Consider Before Buying Semi Permanent Eyeliner

best Semi Permanent Eyeliner

You must take into account a few factors in order to choose the best and most expensive eyeliner because the market is flooded with different variations. We hope that we can help you choose the best permanent eyeliner.

You’ll be able to prevent your money from going to waste and use it toward a useful purchase.


Durability is the first and most significant quality of eyeliner. Your entire appearance will be wrecked, and your confidence will plummet, if the eyeliner does not last for a long time and transfers all about the eye region.

In this regard, we’ve covered every eyeliner that holds its place no matter how strenuous a day you have at work. A win-win situation results from selecting either of those!


You must consider the sort of line you want in addition to the applicator. The most popular kinds are liquid eyeliner or felt-tip pens.

Various eyeliner kinds produce different thicknesses. Liquid eyeliners produce precise, thin lines. Nevertheless, felt-tip eyeliners produce a dense, delicate line. Yet, you may adjust the sharpness’s thickness to suit your needs.


When drawing eyeliners, we do not feel very comfortable if the pen or brush is thick or fatty. Moreover, those are difficult to shift or rotate into wings. If the brush or pen is too thin, the same thing takes place.

In such scenario, go with the readily controllable semi-permanent eyeliner that we suggested before.


You can clearly see the pricing range when you click on the goods we’ve listed above. As we have chosen all the brands whose quality justifies the price, you may choose any of them if you have already decided on your budget.


Are you searching for something to draw attention on special occasions or something you can wear every day? Because of this, we chose the manufacturers listed above, which furthermore provide light and dark shades of black and brown.

Hence, we advise that you pick a hue that complements both your personality and the color of your eyes.

Questions and Answers Frequently Asked

1. What factors should I take into account before purchasing the finest permanent eyeliner?

The endurance of the eyeliner is the most crucial factor to take into account. Nevertheless, we’ve already covered the other points you need to keep in mind.

2. Is it okay to use eyeliner on the waterline?

You can, of course.

Your entire eye appearance is changed when you use eyeliner on your waterline. Drawing a simple line on your bottom lid might help you change the size of your eyes. Just be cautious to prevent getting the product in your eyes.

3. Just how long does eyeliner last?

Depending on the type of skin. The liner transfers easily if the user has oily skin. On the other hand, eyeliner lasts a long time on those with dry, combination, or normal skin. Because of this, you want to pick a waterproof eyeliner that works for all skin tones and maintains its position all day.

4. Can adolescents wear eyeliner?

They can, yes.

Nonetheless, it is best to keep teens away from cosmetic kits as they are more prone to skin problems due to hormonal or genetic changes at that age. If they use makeup regularly, it might cause long-term skin issues.

5. Does eyeliner poison your eyes?


Eyeliners are constructed of skin-friendly oils and waxes. Nevertheless, if you wear it too long or do not properly remove the product from your eyes, it contains dangerous germs that can infect your eyes. Because of this, you must carefully remove your makeup at night.

Last Words

Because there are so many manufacturers that tout their products as the highest-quality, it might be difficult to choose the Best Semi Permanent Eyeliner that meets all of your requirements. Yet, the fact is that not all of them will live up to your expectations.

To assist you in choosing the best eyeliner, we have researched, tested, and evaluated innumerable brands. They should live up to your expectations, hopefully.

Take Off Your Wings!

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