Best Spinning Reels – Top 5 Reviews In 2024

Spinning Reels

Spinning reels have had a troubled past with line twists and unreliable drag systems, but the diverse selection of open-faced reels available today have surpassed those old stereotypes. Even at an affordable cost, you can acquire a high-quality tool with multiple bearings that can handle even the most powerful gamefish. These reels are now offered in a wider variety of sizes and price ranges than ever before. Whether you are teaching a child about nature or aiming to catch massive fish, there is a spinning reel perfect for the job.

Over the past few years, fishermen have seen a rise in the variety of open-faced reels available, with both established brands and new players in the market offering innovative solutions for a high-quality spinning reel.

Best Spinning Reels Reviews

1. Shimano Stradic FL

Shimano Stradic FL

Shimano’s Stradic lineup has been thoroughly tested and proven to be reliable. With a range of sizes available, the Stradic FL is designed to perform exceptionally well in any water conditions. Despite the already impressive reputation of the Stradic series, Shimano has managed to elevate it even further without increasing the price. While this reel may not be cheap, its quality and appearance could easily be mistaken for a much more expensive option, all while maintaining a mid-range price point.

One of the standout features of this reel is its exceptional precision and tight tolerances. It remains sturdy and reliable over time, without any signs of loosening or weakening. With the larger models equipped with Shimano’s Cross Carbon Drag system, even the most powerful fish can be controlled with a bit of caution. If you’re ready to upgrade from budget or mid-range reels and invest in something that will withstand the test of time and various challenges, the Stradic FL should definitely be considered.

In previous versions, the Stradic reel was already worth its price, but this model surpasses expectations. It boasts a waterproof drag, a long stroke spool, and a one-piece bail, all of which contribute to its durability. You can trust that this reel will not fail or underperform when you need it the most.

2. Abu-Garcia Revo Rocket

Abu-Garcia Revo Rocket

Historically, spinning reels have faced challenges when anglers require quick line retrieval for another cast. The lower gear ratios have traditionally favored baitcasting reels for flipping and pitching. However, a significant improvement has been made with a 7:1 gear ratio in this reel. While not exceptionally fast, it offers enhanced versatility compared to many competitors. Feel free to cast your bait swiftly and retrieve it in no time.

Featuring 10 bearings, a spool design for optimal casting distance, and a carbon-matrix drag for handling powerful fish, this reel is not only visually appealing but also ergonomically pleasing with a bent carbon handle and flat EVA knob.

In the future, expect other manufacturers, including Abu, to strive for greater speed. For now, this reel stands out as the fastest option available. Even if it were slower, it would still be a valuable selection. The Revo Rocket delivers on its promises, catering to a wide range of species and fishing scenarios without compromising on quality. Abu Garcia has spared no effort in ensuring top-notch performance.

3. PENN Spinfisher V

PENN Spinfisher V

The Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel offers exceptional value for its affordable price, thanks to its anodized aluminum spool, instant reverse bearing, and impressive drag features. This reel is widely regarded as the most popular choice among boat owners, including myself.

One of its standout features is the HT-100 Slammer drag, which allows it to handle extreme range drag while maintaining smooth functionality. The full metal body ensures durability and longevity, while the latest drag knob enables maximum drag without risking line breakage. Additionally, all the washers and bearings are well-greased to ensure flawless performance.

With the inclusion of a friction trip ramp, this reel makes precise and long-distance casting a comfortable experience. The 6 shielded ball bearings and anti-reverse system contribute to the fluidity of each cranking motion.

Furthermore, the Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel offers a range of variations to suit different needs. Gear ratios, ring capacities, and other specifications vary from model to model. This reel is particularly well-suited for saltwater and sandy environments, as it is watertight, durable, and designed to withstand harsh conditions.

4. Penn Slammer III

Penn Slammer III

The Slammer series stands out as a top choice for saltwater reels. It is built to withstand dirt, water, and debris commonly found in harsh saltwater conditions. Penn specifically engineered the Slammer series to endure tough conditions and enhanced the drag system to manage powerful runs from strong fish. Smaller sizes of the reel have an automatic bail trip feature, while larger sizes require manual operation. The Slammer III comes in a unique black and gold design, as well as black and red, ensuring both functionality and style in various fishing scenarios.

For many years, Penn has been a prominent player in the saltwater reel industry, manufacturing exceptionally durable products to withstand the harshest conditions caused by fish and the elements. This reel continues the legacy by creating a dependable product that can effectively handle the largest species found in saltwater environments.

5. Lew’s Custom Inshore Speed Spin

Lew’s Custom Inshore

Coastal fishermen require a durable reel that can withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater and handle the tough fish that inhabit it. These reels, designed in white with bright blue accents and a slip-resistant black and blue Winn Grip knob, are crafted to be lightweight yet sturdy. They are equipped with aluminum frames and side plates, along with Speed Gears featuring an aluminum pinion gear. Additionally, the reel includes a flush and drain port for easy cleaning after accidental submersion or exposure to waves. This feature is sure to be appreciated by saltwater anglers.

Saltwater anglers, as well as those who engage in battles with powerful fish, will find the Custom Inshore Speed Spin’s carbon fiber drag system beneficial. The sealed drag system can provide up to 24 pounds of stopping force in the 4000 size, allowing for effective control over smaller reds and schoolie stripers.

Despite its reasonable price, this reel offers a variety of features in a braid-friendly and salt-resistant design. It is a great value even for those who may never fish near the coast.

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