Top 5 Best Switches For OSU in 2023 – [The Smarter Choice for You]

Switches For OSU

In today’s tech-centric era, computers and laptops have become central to our daily tasks, encompassing activities like typing and calculating. While standard keyboards suffice for most, there’s a niche where ordinary keyboards fall short—ultra-rapid and direct input. This is where the Best Switches for OSU come into play.

OSU switches, equipped with rubber closures and a spring mechanism, offer unparalleled speed and smooth operation. What sets them apart is their silent functionality, devoid of any clicking sounds. However, not all products claiming these benefits live up to the hype.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top five mechanical OSU keyboards that seamlessly integrate with your PC. Let’s embark on the journey to enhance your input experience.

Top pick

Rottay Mechanical Switches

Rottay Mechanical Switches

An essential feature worth noting is the ability to swap out keycaps according to your preferences.

Editor’s choice

Autobahn88 Cherry MX

Autobahn88 Cherry MX

The set of four switches comes in black, blue, brown, and red, offering versatility to match your preferences.

Best value

Koolertron Switches

Koolertron Switches

The captivating RGB lights are a standout feature of these OSU switches.

Best Switches For OSU Reviews

In this section, we’ve curated information to help you find the ideal OSU keypad. Our dedicated research team has invested considerable effort to ensure the most accurate and relevant results, all of which are presented in the following details.

1. Rottay Mechanical Switches For OSU | Blue LED Backlit

Rottay Mechanical Switches

If you’re in search of tactile and clicky switches for OSU keypads, look no further—Rottay has the perfect solution, saving you valuable time in your quest. The keypad offers a seamless typing experience, combining speed and comfort with its ergonomically designed buttons.

First and foremost, let’s highlight the ergonomic design that sets this keypad apart. The buttons are optimally sized to fit your fingers comfortably and adhere to the standard ANSI size. The quick spring mechanism within ensures that extended typing sessions won’t strain your wrists.

An essential feature worth noting is the ability to swap out keycaps according to your preferences. Rest assured that even after changes, the keys retain their functionality and continue to operate seamlessly.

The switches for OSU boast a robust construction, crafted from durable plastic materials. This durability ensures that the buttons won’t crack easily even after repeated presses. Furthermore, the characters on the switch, despite vigorous tapping, remain clear and unblemished.

The keystrokes are remarkably quiet, eliminating any unnecessary noise during operation. Our overall impression of this OSU keypad is one of sleekness and satisfaction. Additionally, the keypad features LED backlighting in a cool blue hue, delivering a visually appealing element to your setup.

Key Features:

  • LED backlight in blue.
  • Delivers a gentle touch.
  • Construction using aluminum and ABS.
  • Utilizes real switches, akin to mechanical switches.

2. Autobahn88 Cherry MX Switches For OSU | Nono Pro-Version

Autobahn88 Cherry MX

Your quest for the finest switches for typing brings you to the right place – Autobahn88. This OSU keypad delivers astonishing performance within an affordable price range.

If the clattering sounds of keyboard strokes bother you during typing or gaming, consider our Autobahn88 switches for OSU – your solution to a quieter experience. The silent keystrokes ensure a noise-free operation, enhancing your focus without the distracting tapping sounds.

Durability is a standout feature of these switches, crafted with a blend of metals and robust plastic that mimics the resilience of glass. Extend the life of your laptop keyboard by connecting this Nono keypad.

The set of four switches comes in black, blue, brown, and red, offering versatility to match your preferences. Included in the package is a keypad for convenient button attachment and a USB cable for seamless connectivity to your laptop or computer. With an included installation guide, setting up the device is straightforward and hassle-free.

A distinctive feature of this numeric keyboard is its customizable buttons, making it a brilliant choice for gamers who prefer an OSU keyboard. Explore our range of arcade buttons for additional options.

Key Features:

  • Customizable keys for personalized use.
  • Affordable pricing without compromising quality.
  • Cherry-manufactured switches for superior performance.
  • Sturdy metal case for enhanced durability.

3. Koolertron Switches For OSU | RGB Backlit | Mini Size

Koolertron Switches

If your current keypad tends to shift around, causing frustration, it might be time for an upgrade with our OSU keypad featuring Koolertron RGB switches. The robust base ensures stability on your desk, preventing any unwanted sliding even during intense button presses.

The captivating RGB lights are a standout feature of these OSU switches. Customize the colors to your liking using the accompanying software, and adjust brightness levels or turn off the lights as needed, adding a personalized touch to your workspace.

Discover the flexibility of switchable buttons on this keypad. Tailor the inputs to your preferences by easily pressing the appropriate keys. Rest assured, the buttons remain consistent in their function, eliminating concerns about unexpected changes.

Compact, portable, and visually appealing, this keypad not only saves desktop space but also makes for an impressive gift for programmers or gadget enthusiasts, thanks to its opulent design.

Installation is a breeze – a quick and straightforward process. Simply connect it to your desktop using a USB cable, just like a regular keyboard. What’s more, you can use both the nine-button keypad and the 104-button keyboard simultaneously without any interference between them.

Key Features:

  • Nine customizable keys
  • Brightness-adjustable RGB lights
  • USB cable connection
  • Considerate pricing for added value.

4. Qisan Switches For OSU | Crystal Case | White Backlit

Qisan Switches

In our curated list of recommendations, the Qisan brand stands out, and for good reason. The standout option is their mechanical numeric keyboard, boasting a total of 21 keys, encompassing both mechanical and numeric functionalities.

What sets this keyboard apart is its remarkable responsiveness. The keys on this mechanical switch keyboard ensure swift and precise inputs, a feature that truly distinguishes it from the competition. Even with a higher budget, you’ll be hard-pressed to find such exceptional feedback from other brands.

Unlike keyboards with loud spring noises that can be distracting, the Qisan keyboard operates seamlessly, akin to a touchscreen keypad. Moreover, the well-designed button sizes facilitate quick calculations, enhancing user convenience.

Adding to its allure is the authentic mechanical numeric keypad featuring a white LED backlight. Adjusting the brightness, accessible through the FN key, allows you to use the keyboard on your desktop without the need for additional room lighting.

Crafted entirely from robust materials, this Qisan keyboard is an excellent choice for those seeking durability, especially in applications related to financial securities, business, banking, or other institutional purposes.

Key Features:

  • Separate num lock feature.
  • White backlit crystal keypad.
  • Common button size for easy navigation.
  • Suitable for rough and demanding use.

5. Koolertron Macro Mechanical Switches For OSU | Retro Look

Koolertron Macro

Are you in search of a visually appealing OSU keyboard designed for both typing and gaming? Look no further than the Koolertron Macro Mechanical Switches for OSU – the ultimate keyboard for precise tapping.

This keyboard boasts nine configurable switches, allowing you to customize their operations according to your preferences. The macro and circular buttons add convenience to your usage, and setting up the keypad for your computer is a breeze.

The robust and durable nature of the switches ensures they can withstand numerous clicks, making them suitable for prolonged use in both professional and gaming environments. Experience comfort even during extended typing sessions, as the keys are responsive and gentle on the wrists.

Adding to its appeal is the RGB illuminated keyboard, showcasing four captivating lighting effects that remain visible even in low-light conditions. You have the flexibility to adjust the brightness level or dim the lights as needed.

Consistency is key, and this brand delivers just that. Rely on the Koolertron OSU keyboard to provide precise input every time.

Key Features:

  • Four RGB lighting effects for visual enhancement.
  • Excellent value for the investment.
  • Adjustable keycaps for a personalized experience.
  • Accelerated typing speed for enhanced productivity.

Things To Consider Before Buying switches for OSU

Best Switches For OSU

When on the hunt for optimal switches for typing, it’s crucial to navigate through a few essential factors. Decision-making can often be daunting, leading to confusion before making a purchase. Let’s delve into some fundamental considerations to guide your selection of OSU switches.

1. Noise Levels

Different OSU keyboards emit varying noise levels with each click. For public settings, it’s preferable to opt for keyboards with minimal to no audible clicking. Choose switches that align with your preference for noise levels during typing.

2. Comfort Factor

The comfort of the switches plays a pivotal role in the OSU experience. Firm buttons can lead to wrist discomfort, hindering extended periods of work. Opt for switches that offer a gentle and ergonomic touch for enhanced comfort during use.

3. Quality Control

The correlation between cost and the quality of switches may not always be straightforward. When investing in a keyboard, prioritize well-known brands known for their functionality rather than mere aesthetics. A device’s reputation hinges on its performance, not just its appearance.

4. Robust Construction

Mechanical keyboard switches must be robust to endure varied clicking pressures. Select switches that exhibit durability, resisting easy breakage despite continuous use.

5. Actuation Point

While it might seem overlooked, the switch distance is a crucial aspect to consider. Keyboards typically space buttons optimally, and the choice between switches with different actuation points matters. For swift typing, consider speed switches that occupy less space, ensuring a seamless typing experience.

Questions and Answers Frequently Asked

Do noise levels of mechanical keyboards matter?

The noise level may not bother some individuals, but for those sensitive to sounds, it can be distracting and lead to a loss of focus.

How do I choose the best switches for my keyboard?

Keyboard switches come in various styles, including long-press and short-press. Opt for shorter press buttons if you plan to use the keyboard for typing, while long-press keys are more suitable for gaming.

Can I connect this keyboard alongside another one simultaneously?

Yes, you can use both keyboards independently at the same time without experiencing any cross-connection issues.

Is the OSU keyboard compatible with laptops?

Indeed, the OSU keyboard works seamlessly with laptops. This additional keyboard can be a valuable extension, potentially prolonging the lifespan of your laptop’s built-in keyboard.

What is needed to use the keyboard with my computer?

The keyboard comes with a USB cable that you simply need to connect to your computer, making it ready for immediate use.

Last Words

Mechanical switches present a diverse array of types, pricing ranges, and quality levels, leaving the choice entirely in your hands. However, we earnestly recommend opting for the finest switches for OSU that justify your investment. Our meticulous guidance aims to steer you clear of alluring yet ultimately pointless keypads.

It’s crucial to note that performance and features are distinct aspects. Some keypads, despite boasting separate elements, may deliver subpar performance. It is essential to choose a keypad that incorporates the vital components aligning with your actual requirements. Have you settled on your choice yet? Our advice ensures you make an informed decision and avoid falling for superficially appealing but ultimately impractical options.

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