Best Tactical Pens for Everyday Carry – Top Reviews In 2024

Best Tactical Pens for Everyday Carry

A tactical pen serves as more than just a writing instrument; it doubles as a discreet self-defense tool. The finest tactical pens boast the capability to shatter car windows in emergencies, incapacitate assailants with precise force, and even serve mundane purposes like opening bottles.

In today’s unpredictable world, having a tactical pen on hand offers a distinct advantage. It can swiftly transform into a makeshift Kubotan-style weapon, providing a means to protect oneself from potential threats. When considering purchasing one, it’s essential to prioritize certain features:

  1. Material: Opt for a tactical pen crafted from robust materials like aluminum or titanium, ensuring durability against impacts and adverse weather conditions. A sharp and sturdy tip is crucial for effective face and window smashing.
  2. Design: The design of a tactical pen should prioritize discretion, enabling the wielder to maintain the element of surprise in confrontational situations. A slightly textured grip helps prevent slippage during use, while the choice between twist or screw-cap mechanisms caters to individual preferences.
  3. Additional Features: While most tactical pens include essential features such as a glass-breaking point and ink cartridge, some offer added versatility with features like a built-in screwdriver for quick repairs, a bottle opener, or an integrated LED light.

Delving deeper into the realm of tactical pens, our comprehensive buying guide provides further insights. Before exploring our selection of 11 top-rated tactical pens, each boasting unique features that elevate them as indispensable additions to your everyday carry, let’s delve into the intricacies of these indispensable tools.

Top pick

TF Takeflight Tactical Pen

TF Takeflight Tactical Pen

The inclusion of multi-tool functionalities adds another layer of usefulness to the pen.

Editor’s choice

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

This Atomic Bear model stands out as an efficient window breaker.

Best value

Gerber Gear Impromptu Tactical Pen

Gerber Gear Impromptu Tactical Pen

Designed with a series of grooves along the steel barrel.

Best Tactical Pens for Everyday Carry Reviews

1. TF Takeflight Tactical Pen

TF Takeflight Tactical Pen

The Takeflight design embodies the essence of versatility, offering a tactical pen that seamlessly integrates essential tools like a flashlight, bottle opener, and screwdriver, catering to survival and everyday carry (EDC) needs. As an enthusiast of innovative gadgets, I find immense satisfaction in the multifaceted capabilities this pen brings to the table.

Firstly, the built-in LED flashlight proves to be a boon, emitting a powerful beam capable of disorienting potential threats for precious moments. Its utility extends to navigating through darkness during power outages, with the added convenience of a spare battery ensuring continuous operation.

One of the standout features of this tactical pen is undoubtedly its robust glass breaker tip, crafted not just for aesthetics but for practical durability. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, the pen strikes a balance between solidity and lightweight construction. The strategic placement of the glass breaker tip at the opposite end ensures swift accessibility for self-defense when using the flashlight.

The inclusion of multi-tool functionalities adds another layer of usefulness to the pen. The screwdriver facilitates quick repairs on electronic devices, while the bottle opener proves invaluable during social gatherings. Additionally, the smooth writing experience provided by the Takeflight pen, coupled with two extra ink refills, cements its reliability for everyday tasks.

However, it’s worth noting that accessing the pen tip requires unscrewing the tool, which can be cumbersome when time is of the essence.

The Takeflight tactical pen stands out as a comprehensive solution for diverse needs. Its array of features, including the glass breaker tip, screwdriver, and LED flashlight, make it a reliable companion for various situations.


  • Versatile design with multiple integrated tools
  • Bright LED flashlight with spare battery for extended use
  • Durable glass breaker tip doubles as a self-defense tool
  • Lightweight yet robust aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Features additional tools like a screwdriver and bottle opener
  • Offers smooth writing experience with two extra ink refills


  • Accessing the pen tip requires unscrewing the tool, potentially causing inconvenience

2. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

The SWAT tactical pen seamlessly combines the functionality of a writing instrument and a glass breaker into one sleek design. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, it boasts a sturdy construction complemented by a tungsten glass breaker tip.

This Atomic Bear model stands out as an efficient window breaker, capable of shattering car windows with a single strike, making it a valuable tool for unexpected emergencies. Additionally, its tungsten tip serves well for self-defense, offering a sharp edge to deter potential attackers. Transitioning between its glass-breaking and writing functions is effortless thanks to the intuitive cap clip mechanism.

For users with smaller hands, the pen offers a comfortable grip, facilitating smooth writing or glass-smashing motions, even in a reverse-grip position. The cap’s ergonomic design, featuring a protruded area for thumb contact, enhances control and usability.

A standout feature is the inclusion of a high-quality 300D nylon pouch, a rarity in similar products. Wearable on a belt for convenient access, it adds to the overall practicality of the pen. Coupled with the pen’s durability and the added benefits of extra refill ink and a lifetime warranty, both the pouch and pen exemplify exceptional quality.

It’s worth noting, however, that some users may find the ink refill depletes rather quickly with this Atomic Bear Tactical Pen.

The SWAT Pen excels in fulfilling its dual roles of self-defense and writing, thanks to its robust construction and lifetime warranty, ensuring longevity and reliability for its users.

  • Solid construction crafted from aircraft-quality aluminum and tungsten
  • Tungsten steel tip capable of shattering glass with a single strike and potentially causing injuries
  • Convenient cap clip mechanism for easy use
  • Provides an excellent grip and comfortable contact, suitable for reverse grip usage
  • Comes with a 300D nylon pouch, extra ink refill, and a lifetime warranty


  • Ink consumption is relatively high, leading to faster depletion

3. Gerber Gear Impromptu Tactical Pen

Gerber Gear Impromptu Tactical Pen

This Gerber Gear model stands out as a robust tactical pen equipped with a reliable glass breaker, making it a staple in my gear collection. The integrated glass breaker tip not only effectively shatters car windows but also holds up well under pressure.

Crafted from tempered steel, the glass breaker tip ensures efficient performance when breaking through various materials. I put it to the test on a bottle, and it exceeded my expectations. Moreover, the entire body is constructed from American steel with a Cerakote coating, ensuring exceptional durability.

Designed with a series of grooves along the steel barrel, this pen offers enhanced grip compared to my Pilot G2. Its slightly thicker build fits comfortably in my hand. Utilizing a traditional Rite in the Rain ink cartridge, this pen reliably writes in any weather condition, including rain.

One of its standout features is the click mechanism, which adds a satisfying tactile experience with every press. Its push-button design never fails to impress, drawing admiration from my friends whenever I fidget with it. Plus, the stainless steel pocket clip ensures easy portability, allowing me to slip it into my pocket without worry.

However, it’s worth noting that the price tag of this Gerber Impromptu tactical pen may deter some buyers.

The Impromptu Pen offers a sturdy construction suited for rugged use, whether I’m jotting notes in the rain or facing unexpected situations that require breaking glass. With its discreet design, this tactical pen doubles as a reliable self-defense tool when the need arises.


  • Features a highly effective glass breaker tip crafted from tempered steel
  • Constructed from durable American steel with a Cerakote coating for exceptional durability
  • Offers a comfortable grip with a series of grooves and a slightly thicker body
  • Compatible with Rite in the Rain ink cartridges, ensuring reliable performance in all weather conditions
  • The push-button mechanism provides a satisfying and user-friendly experience
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty pocket clip for convenient and secure storage


  • Relatively high price point

4. CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

The CRKT Williams Pen, crafted by a former army officer, embodies reliability for tactical situations. Combining the functionality of a superior writing instrument with the prowess of a self-defense tool, it stands as a versatile companion.

Its robust construction instills confidence. Fashioned from 6061 aluminum, it boasts exceptional corrosion resistance and durability, capable of withstanding even the clumsiest of handling. The reinforced glass-breaking point, formidable enough to shatter glass or fend off assailants, adds to its utility.

Discretion is key, aided by the bead blast finish that minimizes light reflection. The anodized aluminum’s non-slip texture ensures a secure grip, even in adverse conditions. Its unassuming design facilitates hassle-free passage through airport security checks.

The inclusion of a zippered ballistic nylon hard case enhances portability and security during travel. Additionally, the pre-fitted Fisher Space pen refill ensures smooth writing performance on any surface.

A minor gripe lies with the pocket clip, which tends to snag due to its pointed design.

In summary, the CRKT Williams Pen excels as a discreet yet potent tactical tool. Resembling an ordinary pen, it conceals formidable capabilities, ready to be deployed when needed.


  • Constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant 6061 aluminum
  • Glass breaking point capable of puncturing with significant force and breaking glass
  • Features a non-reflective bead blast finish and non-slip textured grip
  • Discreet and sleek appearance allows for easy passage through security
  • Includes a hard nylon case for secure storage
  • Comes equipped with a Fisher Space ink cartridge


  • Pocket clip with pointed design may snag on clothing

5. Smith & Wesson SWPENBK Tactical Screw Cap Pen

Smith & Wesson SWPENBK

The SWPENBK model by Smith & Wesson presents itself as a dependable choice, blending the functionality of a tactical fountain pen with an elevated aesthetic.

Crafted from T6061 Aircraft Aluminum, this pen strikes a delicate balance between durability and lightweight design. Standing at approximately 5.7 inches, it comfortably fits into my pants pocket. The clip’s placement is particularly noteworthy, allowing the pen to sit discreetly lower in the pocket for optimal concealment.

In terms of self-defense capabilities, the curved point proves invaluable for shattering glass or targeting pressure points in potential confrontations. The precision of the glass-breaking tip instills confidence in its defensive capabilities, enhanced by the pen’s robust construction, promising significant impact when required.

Upon immediate use, I found the pen to be effortlessly writable. Its tapered body and textured grooves afford a secure grip, facilitating precise writing or striking maneuvers. The seven threads securing the cap ensure it remains firmly in place during active use.

However, one drawback I encountered is the need to unscrew the cap for pen usage, which can be somewhat cumbersome, especially in urgent situations.

Overall, Smith & Wesson’s tactical pen proves itself as a reliable self-defense tool. Its pointed tip is adept at glass-breaking and can serve as a deterrent in threatening scenarios.


  • T6061 Aircraft Aluminum offers a perfect blend of strength and lightweight construction.
  • Compact 5.7-inch length ensures comfortable pocket carry.
  • The clip facilitates deep concealment within the pocket.
  • Sharp point curvature aids in glass-breaking and targeting pressure points effectively.
  • Includes an ink cartridge and features a comfortable grip due to taper and grooves.
  • Secure cap attachment with screws prevents accidental loss.


  • Unscrewing the cap can be slightly inconvenient.

Final Word

Our top pick for a versatile tactical pen that excels both as a writing tool and a self-defense implement is the Atomic Bear SWAT Pen. Boasting excellent writing performance, it also proves formidable in emergencies, capable of shattering windows and delivering powerful strikes. What sets it apart is the inclusion of a robust nylon pouch for convenient and secure storage.

For those seeking the utmost durability, the Gerber Gear Impromptu Pen stands out as a top contender. Virtually indestructible, it can withstand extreme conditions, earning its reputation as one of the toughest pens available. Additionally, its compatibility with Rite in the Rain ink cartridges ensures usability in any weather conditions.

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