UFI Box Price in Bangladesh

UFI Box Price in Bangladesh

UFI Box Price in Bangladesh Version is 229$ USD or 19400/- BDT (approx.) and UFI Box Price for the Global Version is 309$ USD or 26000/- BDT (approx.).

The UFi Box is an advanced tool that has the capability to Repair EMMC, Resize EMMC, Format EMMC, Write full data, erase, Read boot1, Read boot2, Read EXT CSD, Read User Data, Update firmware. If you want to know the UFI box price in Bangladesh, keep reading the article.

For Bangladesh, it has a different version which is only usable in Bangladesh. If you want to know about UFi Box and its price please read below carefully.

UFI Box Price in Bangladesh

UFi has made a UFi box for Bangladesh and UFi Box’s Price varies for the global version and the Bangladesh version. The global is supported for all country but the Bangladeshi version is not working in all countries. It is supported only in Bangladesh.

The Price for the Global Version is 309$ USD or 26000/- BDT (approx.).

The Price for the Bangladeshi Version is 229$ USD or 19400/- BDT (approx.).

Note that this price might not be fully accurate. We have collected this price from some of the websites on the internet. It can be different in different shops and change anytime.

What is UFI Box?

UFI Box is one of the greatest EMMC (embedde Multi-Media Card) service tools. UFI Box can Read EMMC user data.  It can repair, format, resize, read, write, erase, etc. update the firmware. UFi Box has its own software display, it is very easy for a user to understand.  It needs Just one click to use is very easy to use.

A lot of IC EMMC is supported by UFi Box, which is already added to this tool. Supported IC EMMC is Samsung, China Phone, Kingston, Micron, Toshiba, SK Hynix, and other brands. This UFi Box has 8bit full speed which is fastest than other boxes.

The UFi Box is mainly develope for Windows 7 64 bit, But it is usable for all other operating systems. Like- Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32bit), Windows 7 Home (32bit), Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit), Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit), Windows 8 Profesional (64bit), Windows 8.1 Profesional (64bit), Windows 10 Final (64bit). Though we recommended you to use windows 7 for this.

It supports USB 2.0 with 480 Mbps speed. This Modern device is designe stunningly with an external power source. And built-in LDO Voltage Out, Multiprotocol ready with 13 usable multi-purpose IO pins, and 1 Full-Speed USB-HOST. It is highly secure with Java smart card and an online system.


UFi is the low-cost software for EMMC service tools. It is a very user-friendly device with its own software. It has the strongest security system with server-based and support is good. So if you compare it with another then it is the perfect choice for you. We hope this article is very beneficial for you. Stay with us for further updates

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