Veloce Cycle Price in Bangladesh

Veloce Cycle Price in Bangladesh

Do you want to know Veloce Cycle Price in Bangladesh? Well, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the price of a Veloce Cycle in Bangladesh and some more information about it. So let’s get started without delay.

Bicycles are very useful for daily movement. Moreover, Velos is a popular brand among bicycle lovers. They became very popular in a very short time. The reason behind this is good quality products. They are offered at reasonable prices along with the good quality of products.

Veloce Cycle Price in Bangladesh

Veloce manufactures almost all classes of bicycles considering the needs of all people. Day by day they are updating their bike models with performance and appearance, which is pleasing to their users. Moreover, they make different models of bicycles. Even, their mountain bikes have three series, which are Veloce Inferno, Veloce Legion, and Veloce Outrage.

Veloce bicycles tend to be a bit more expensive in these series. This series is suitable for those who want to buy a good bike at a higher price. All of these series of bikes are equipped with expensive parts that will give you a great riding experience. Let’s see the price of some Veloce bicycles.

Model NamePrice
Veloce Legion 50 (Blue)23, 000 Taka
Veloce Compact15, 500 Taka
Veloce Outrage 60319, 000 Taka
Veloce Legacy Black and Red  26, 000 Taka
Veloce Legion Black and Blue13, 000 Taka

Veloce Legion 50 Features

The Veloce Legion 50 is a versatile and stylish mountain bike. Which is designed to handle basic trail and off-road explorations very well. It also comes with a 3 × 7 Shimano drivetrain, integrated shifter, and zoom disc brakes. Also, with it, you can do mountain biking comfortably and enjoy the mountain scenery.

The paintwork on this bike is well done and it uses blue color. It looks great for this nice color and instantly sets the bike apart from other more expensive bikes. This Veloce Legion 50 bike is capable of going through-holes or crossing basic trails. When you buy a bicycle you will buy the bicycle by looking at these 5 things. Which are given below.

  • Wheels.
  • Frameset.
  • Post Sale Support & Warranty.
  • Drivetrain / Groupset.
  • Components.


A good wheel of your bike makes a huge difference for any ride. But you can’t expect good wheels from entry and mid-level bikes. Although the wheels of the Veloce Legion 50 are very good, it is not an entry and mid-level bike. Veloce Legion 50 wheels have 26 ” / 2.1 tires, these tires are manufactured by them. However, these 26 ” tires are able to roll a bit slower. But the wheels are very strong, able to go very well on any road.


Frames are the most important part of a bicycle. This is because these frames define the riding features. You must first make sure that the frame is well designed, well made, and that it is suitable for your height. If all goes well then this bike will be perfect for your riding. The Veloce Legion 50 bike is framed with aluminum alloy. Aluminum is a tough and durable material for bicycle frames. Moreover, the aluminum frame can handle all types of riding stress without any damage.


The Veloce Legion 50 is given a simple 3 x 7 – speed setup that is perfect for mountain biking. Provides enough range to cover everything from steep trails to the fastest straight. Moreover, it comes with a Shimano Tourney Front Derailleur and a Shimano Altus Rear Derailleur. This is suitable for mountain riding.


This bike uses zoom mechanical disc brakes. The front-wheel has 160 mm and the rear rotor. Moreover, it is a hardtail mountain bike. So that a Santor XCM front suspension with 120mm travel is provided. But this 120mm fork usually comes with slightly higher-end bikes.

They could have used a better suspension in it. However, this lock-out often makes long journeys a bit easier. This Veloce Legion 50 also has wide 700mm handlebars. Which gives more control when riding a mountain bike. However, this bike is very suitable for those who want to acquire MTB skills.


As you can see above, we have discussed the Veloce bike in detail. When you go to buy a bicycle, you must notice these 5 things mentioned above. If you want to buy a bicycle in this mid-budget then you can take the Veloce Legion Black and Blue bicycle. Hopefully after reading this article you have been able to know the price and about the Veloce bike also.

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