Veloce Cycle Price in BD, 2022 [Update]

Veloce Cycle Price in BD

When you think about buying a new Bike in Bangladesh, which is the first brand that comes to mind? Is it a Korean brand? Honda maybe? How about a local brand like Veloce? Yes, from the perspective of marketplace share despite being one of the oldest bike brands in the country. Are you willing to know the Veloce cycle price in BD?

Veloce is the most popular bike brand in Bangladesh. It is synonymous with comfort and quality. Moreover, it is offering quality customer service and technical support. So, you’re sure to feel comfortable buying a bike online or over the phone. Keep reading till the end of the article to find out some good quality Veloce cycle price in BD.

Veloce Cycle Price in BD

The price of Veloce cycle starts from around 7000 Taka and can go up to 80,000 Taka depending on its model and features. Veloce group has a wide range of bicycles with reasonable prices for different classes of people. The popular models are Veloce Junior, Veloce Rival, Veloce Xtreme, Veloce Six-Speed, Veloce Speedster, Veloce Professional Racing Bike. But here we are mentioning the price of the most popular and used bicycle of Veloce brand.

NamePrice (BDT)
Veloce Legion 50 (Blue)23,500
Veloce Outrage 60213,500
Veloce Legion 3019,000
Veloce Outrage 60319,000
Veloce Legion 20 (Black-Orange)15,500

Note that the above by Veloce cycles are available officially in Bangladesh. But the fact is prices can vary depending on the shop and location. Furthermore, the manufacturer can increase or decrease the price at any time. We typically update the price of each product on our site once a month.

Is it a Good Investment to Buy a Veloce Cycle?

A bicycle is a good investment if it is used to save money, reduce environmental impact, and improve health. The Veloce Cycle satisfies all these criteria.

The Veloce Cycle reduces pollution. Because it doesn’t require any gas or oil. The environmentally-friendly nature of the bicycle makes it attractive to buyers with this concern. In addition, the Veloce Cycle improves health by providing exercise while commuting. So, people can ride their bicycles to work rather than drive. Also, it reduces traffic congestion as well as their waistlines.

To become successful any industry needs some criteria or features like customer need, market demand, competitive environment, etc. In case of Veloce, we can see that all these are very strong in our country as well as in the international market. Also, Veloce makes this industry a very promising and lucrative investment option to us nowadays.

Is Veloce Bicycle a Bangladeshi Brand?

Nowadays, quality is one of the main factors that attract customers. Veloce has always emphasized good quality products with modern technologies using skilled workers. Now, its products are popular for their quality in the European market also. So, it will be another important factor for people who want to buy a new bicycle.


Cycle hire is a very useful means of travel. It should be included in all travel plans. This is a good thing for travelers as well as for the tourist industry. However, it helps to transport tourists to places of interest, both in the country and more distant locations. So, if you are looking for a Veloce cycle, go with your budget.

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