Walton Refrigerator 18 CFT Price in Bangladesh

Walton Refrigerator 18 CFT Price in Bangladesh

Do you want to know Walton refrigerator 18 cft price in Bangladesh? Well, you arrived at the right place. Below, we will discuss the price and other information about Walton refrigerators.

Walton is one of the largest electronics brands in Bangladesh. Last 20 years, they have been manufacturing different types of electronics accessories. This brand’s manufacturer has a huge assortment of consumer electronics with a huge collection of refrigeration. This company assembles all the products inside the country. The brand has always maintained its position as one of the top refrigerator brands in Bangladesh.

Walton Refrigerator 18 cft Price in Bangladesh

There are so many varieties of Walton refrigerators or fridges in the market. You can buy one based on your needs. Just remember this, more cft means more space inside the refrigerator. One more thing, the gross volume describes the outer diameter of the refrigerator, and net volume tells the inside diameter of the refrigerator. At present, refrigerator or fridge space measures in a liter. Below you will find the Walton refrigerator’s price.

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Note that, the price of the Walton refrigerator is fully accurate. The given price may vary from store to store and the price can be changed in the upcoming time. Typically, we update the price of the product once within a month. We will let you know the price through the article If the price becomes higher or lower.

Is Walton Refrigerator Good?

Do you want to give your kitchen a new look and feel with state of an art Walton refrigerator? If so, this is a great decision for you. Because of more than 20 years of experience, Walton is committed to quality products also giving quality service to customers. Walton fridge has a slim design that takes up less space than heavy and large-sized units, and it’s is perfect for small space. Every Walton refrigerator is designed for maximum functionality as per your needs and you can use it easily.

Walton refrigerators are designed with 100% copper condenser and nanotechnology to maintain the quality of the food you store in the fridge. While purchasing, check the refrigerator condensers whether they are copper tubes or aluminum tubes. A copper tube is better than an aluminum tube. Then, check whether the fridge is non-frost or frost type. Try buying a non-frost Walton refrigerator. Because this will not fill your fridge inside the chamber of the refrigerator ice. It also helps to keep your food fresh for a long time.

So, what’s the problem with other traditional refrigerator brands? Well, in short, they waste energy. Others fridges keep your food very cold and consume electricity when it isn’t necessary. But with Walton’s new refrigerators, this is not a problem. Because at lower temperatures the air can move much more freely which means you use less energy to cool your fridge. We hope Walton refrigerator is a perfect kitchen partner for you.


Which Size of the Fridge Should I Choose?

What size refrigerator you need depends on your needs. But remember, more cft means more space inside the fridge. There are two things to keep in mind when buying a fridge, one is the gross volume which is the outside diameter of the fridge space and the other is the net volume which is the inside diameter of the fridge space. But now the space of refrigerator or fridge is measured in liters.

When you buy a Walton fridge, you must check the warranty period of the Walton Compressor. Because compressors are an important part of the fridge or refrigerator.

On the other hand, Walton refrigerators have become more popular nowadays. Because the quality of their fridge is much better than before. Walton sells more than 1 lakh refrigerators in Bangladesh every year. But when you buy a fridge, you must try to buy a Walton inverter technology-capable refrigerator. Because this inverter type fridge will save your electricity bill. You can also buy non-inverter-type refrigerators if you have a small budget.

How to calculate liters from cft?

Do you want to know how to calculate liters from cft? So, let’s find out.

You need to keep in mind that:

1 CFT = 28.32 liter

Example: Would you like to know if 5cft fridge =? Liters, just multiply by 5 × 28.32 = 141.58 liters. Similar 10cft = 283.2 liters and the rest is the same calculation method.


Different people have different choices. Walton is a Bangladeshi product and it’s really good in quality and available at a low price. It is much popular in the rural area because the price range is affordable. Walton gives a long-term guarantee and warranty services. So that was the Walton refrigerator’s full descriptions and overview. We hope that you will like this article. If you have any problems, let us know in the comment below.

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