Best Wearable Camera for Live Streaming of 2024

Best Wearable Camera for Live Streaming

Body cameras play a crucial role in facilitating seamless video and audio recording, responding to the growing demand for innovative and authentic real-time content. Widely applicable in various fields such as law enforcement, security personnel, and civilian vlogging, these cameras offer versatility.

Many of these devices are designed to be wearable, discreetly attaching to clothing for inconspicuous use. Characterized by their lightweight, portable, and durable nature, these body cameras are user-friendly, catering to a diverse range of needs.

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Transcend DrivePro Body 30

Transcend DrivePro Body 30

STARVIS sensor, night vision, 12-hour battery, IP67 & military standards for dust, waterproof, shock-resistant. Image enhancement tech included.

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FHD wearable camera for security professionals. Built-in GPS, 2-inch LCD, 64GB memory, 10-hour battery, password protection, and file deletion on-camera.

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ehomful Body Camera

ehomful Body Camera

Powerful mini body camera disguised as a USB flash drive. Wearable with a sturdy clip, 120° field of view, 1080p recording, and 8-hour storage.

Best Wearable Camera for Live Streaming Reviews

The top-performing body cameras distinguish themselves based on factors like video resolution, battery life, storage capacity, and lens width, providing users with options to suit their preferences. Ultimately, these devices empower users to effortlessly stream live content on the go.

Explore the following selection of the best body cameras tailored for live streaming in the current market.

1. Transcend DrivePro Body 30

Transcend DrivePro Body 30

The Transcend DrivePro Body 30 stands out as a dependable choice for both indoor and outdoor use, boasting advanced features. Operating at 1920×1080 resolution and 30 fps, this body camera delivers fluid 1080p video capture. With a spacious 64GB internal storage, it provides ample space for storing recorded audio and video files.

Equipped with a remarkable night vision sensor utilizing infrared LEDs and image enhancement technologies, coupled with a 130-degree field of view, it ensures impressive recording capabilities in low-light conditions. The high sensitivity Starvis image sensor, along with a 360-degree rotating clip, enhances the recording experience.

Reliability is further emphasized with a built-in camera offering up to 12 hours of recording time, an IP67 weather-proof rating for snow and water resistance, and shock resistance for accidental knocks. While slightly heavy, its durability, high-quality video recording, extensive storage, and long battery life make it a compelling choice for various applications.

2. MIUFLY 1296P


The Miufly stands out as a highly convenient and user-friendly security gadget, catering to the needs of police officers, security guards, or janitors during their shifts. Featuring a built-in GPS for tracking movement, this surveillance device enhances overall situational awareness. Operating at a resolution of 2304×1296 and 30 fps, it delivers full-HD video, showcasing remarkable image stability even during fast-paced activities like walking or running.

The two-inch LCD monitor facilitates instant playback of recorded footage, providing quick review capabilities. A valuable security measure includes the option to set a password, preventing data loss due to deletion or theft. With a generous 64GB built-in storage, ample space is available for storing video and audio recordings for future reference.

The 3,200mAh Li-polymer battery ensures a reliable 10 hours of recording time, eliminating concerns about the device shutting down unexpectedly. While praised for ease of use, excellent picture and sound quality, the clip rotator quality is noted as average.

3. ehomful Body Camera

ehomful Body Camera

The Ehomful Mini stands as an exemplary choice for those seeking a sleek and high-performing body camera. Its compact design, resembling a USB flash drive, ensures discreet surveillance and maximum portability, making it an ideal security gadget. Delivering a crisp 1080p resolution at 30 fps, this cop spy camera ensures clear and non-blurry video coverage.

Featuring a 120-degree field of view, it excels in providing quality surveillance from a fixed position. The audio recording capability captures the entire room with clarity. Doubling as a fully functioning flash drive, it allows direct computer connection for file transfer or device charging.

Notably, the body camera can charge while recording, and the included 32GB microSD card offers storage for up to eight hours of recorded content. With a three-hour battery life and rapid recharging, it proves reliable for outdoor use, though users note that the buttons can be fragile.

4. Insta360 GO 2

Insta360 GO 2

The Insta360 GO 2 stands out as a cutting-edge body camera, excelling in capturing high-quality footage with its impressive 1440p resolution and a powerful 1/2.3-inch image sensor. Equipped with the FlowState Image stabilization algorithm technology, it effectively addresses challenges in image stabilization and horizon leveling during dynamic activities like travel and sports.

Designed with a sleek and thumb-sized form factor, the camera includes a magnetic in-the-box accessory for hands-free mounting anywhere. The versatile charge case, doubling as a pocket-sized charger, extends battery life by 150 minutes and functions as a remote control.

Weighing less than 0.06 pounds, the camera is lightweight and comfortable when attached to clothing. Its waterproof feature ensures worry-free underwater filming. While praised for recording high-quality videos, its drawback lies in the absence of a screen for composition.

5. KSADBOSSBO Mini Body Camera

KSADBOSSBO Mini Body Camera

The Mini Body Camera Video Recorder, complete with a Built-in 128GB Memory Card, presents an adaptable and budget-friendly solution for security requirements. Its compact design, featuring a 360-degree rotatable clip, facilitates easy mounting on collars, bikes, or in pockets for hands-free usage. Controlled by a single button, it seamlessly transitions between roles as a cop cam or sports cam.

Tailored for outdoor activities, this mini camera excels in night vision with 1080P HD video recording at 30fps, ensuring clear footage even in total darkness. The 90-degree lens provides a wide field of view, complemented by 4 high-intensity infrared LEDs extending night vision up to 15 feet.

With built-in loop recording and a generous 128GB SD card, additional purchases are unnecessary. Intelligent storage management automatically deletes older videos when capacity is low.

Impressive features include an 800mAh rechargeable battery, offering up to 4 hours of recording and 6 hours of standby on a single charge. Supporting simultaneous charging and recording, it can connect to a power bank or USB charger for extended use.

This versatile device serves as not only a security gadget but also a practical gift, suitable for various roles. Backed by a 30-day refund guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty, it ensures reliability and peace of mind for users.


Selecting the optimal wearable camera for live streaming entails a thoughtful consideration of factors like video quality, user-friendliness, portability, and additional features. The market presents a diverse array of options, each catering to distinct preferences and needs.

Whether your focus is on discreet recording, strong night vision capabilities, or versatile mounting solutions, the key lies in matching the camera’s features with your specific criteria. The Transcend DrivePro Body 30, Miufly, and Ehomful Mini offer distinctive attributes, spanning from high-resolution video capture to compact designs complemented by practical accessories.

For those in pursuit of cutting-edge technology and seamless hands-free operation, the Insta360 GO 2 stands out with its advanced features and waterproof design.

Ultimately, the best wearable camera for live streaming is the one that harmonizes with your intended use, delivering an ideal blend of functionality and convenience to effortlessly capture and share your experiences.

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