Why An AirTag Is A Must Have If You’re Flying With Your Clubs?

Why An AirTag Is A Must Have If You’re Flying With Your Clubs

Consider for a moment that you are on your way to your much-anticipated golf getaway when you discover that your clubs are missing at the airport. Losing your golf equipment at the airport has to be one of the greatest travel nightmares. In light of this, I examine why having an AirTag is essential if you’re flying with your clubs.

Losing your golf clubs at the airport doesn’t have to be a nightmare with Apple’s Bluetooth tracker, the AirTag. I delve into the benefits of utilizing an AirTag while you fly with your clubs in this post.

Monitor Your Golf Clubs At The Airport For Piece Of Mind

Monitor Your Golf Clubs At The Airport For Piece Of Mind

While it is practically hard to totally avoid lost golf clubs when traveling, an AirTag can provide some reassurance when you are at the airport. You can quickly track your club’s position directly from your iPhone thanks to the availability of hundreds of millions of Apple devices across the world.

An AirTag can considerably increase your chances of finding your clubs if they become lost, even if it won’t stop you from losing them in an airport. Consider the following reasons why an AirTag is essential when you next check your golf equipment into a flight before taking out on your next golfing holiday.

Knowing where your clubs are at the airport gives you peace of mind

Knowing where your clubs are at the airport gives you peace of mind

Sometimes all you want to know is that your golf clubs are at the airport, someplace. The ideal solution for this is an AirTag; simply place one inside your golf bag and you can quickly track its whereabouts from your iPhone. An airline baggage agent will need to know where your clubs are in order to assist with luggage recovery in the event that they got lost.

Golf clubs are often not picked up from the same baggage carousels as regular-sized luggage since they are typically deemed big (odd-sized) in the realm of airline baggage. Normally, you may pick up golf clubs at a specific oversized claim. This circumstance also lends itself to the use of an AirTag.

Your contact information is simple to get from an airline baggage agent.

An AirTag’s cool function allows an airline baggage handler to obtain your contact information by touching your AirTag with an NFC-enabled smartphone. This function is quite useful, especially if you lose your golf clubs at the airport because your bag tag is gone. With no luggage identification, there is very nothing for a baggage agent to go on, therefore this is where an AirTag may also prove its usefulness.

Nearly everybody abroad accepts AirTags

Wherever an AirTag is used, it will function. But, for an AirTags Bluetooth signal to be effective, it must be picked up by a nearby Apple Find My network device. It’s less probable that your AirTag’s position will be updated if it’s in a sparsely populated region where no one passes regularly. Having said that, you will appreciate frequent updates with so many Apple devices at an airport.

Use Apple’s Worldwide Locating Network And App For A Little Assistance

It’s simple to view an AirTag with the Locate My app. You may use the Find My app to locate the AirTag on a map or to play a sound to help you find it. With the use of Bluetooth technology, the Find My network, which is made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices, can locate AirTags and report their approximate whereabouts. No one else, not even Apple, can see the location or information associated with your AirTag since the entire process is anonymous and encrypted.

Life Of A Year’s Worth Of Batteries

An AirTag is a set-it-and-forget-it device, which is a fantastic feature for golf travelers in addition to all the wonderful tracking advantages it offers. After pairing and configuring an AirTag, you may affix it to your golf equipment and put it out of sight. This is due to the fact that an AirTags battery may operate for around a year before needing to be changed.

How Does AirTags Function Exactly?

How Does AirTags Function Exactly

AirTags provide private, secure Bluetooth signals that adjacent Apple devices may access through the Find My network. The location of the AirTag is subsequently transmitted by these devices to iCloud so that it may be shown on the map of the Find My app.

If your AirTag is nearby, your iPhone’s Precision Finding feature will direct you right there. On your compatible Apple iPhone, Precision Finding employs Ultra-Wideband technology to deliver spatial and directional information.

But, much like other Apple devices, if your AirTag is not nearby, you may also put it into lost mode. When a nearby Apple device on the Find My network detects your AirTag while it is in Lost Mode, you will instantly get a notice on your iPhone.

What Concerns AirTag Accessory?

What Concerns AirTag Accessory

The absence of a hole for attachment is one drawback of an AirTag. In order to keep your new tracking device safe and secure due to the absence of a hole, you’ll probably need to utilize an AirTag attachment. Of course, you could just throw it in your pocket and call it a day.

I personally pack my AirTag in a Ziploc bag and stash it in a pocket inside my backpack when I travel. I do this to prevent my AirTag from coming off during the luggage handling process at an airport.

Questions and Answers

Hopefully, I was able to address all of your concerns on why an AirTag is essential if you fly with clubs. You could still have more queries about AirTags.

Are AirTags TSA approved?

Yes. The TSA has authorized AirTags.

What is the Bluetooth range of an AirTag?

A phone must be within 33 feet (10 meters) of the Bluetooth device, according to Apple’s iPhone user manual.

Is the battery in an AirTag replaceable?

Yes, a user may change the battery in an AirTag.

Last Thoughts

I sincerely hope that my post on why an AirTag is essential if you fly with your clubs was useful. Every golfer’s worst nightmare is losing their clubs at an airport. You may have peace of mind knowing where your golf bag is by placing an AirTag inside or on top of it. That alone is reason enough why you should utilize an AirTag the next time you travel with your clubs.

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