Wi-Fi router price in BD

Wi-Fi router price in BD

If you are a computer user, then you need to get an internet connection at your house. It is always important to have a good Wi-Fi router. If you own a business and want to establish a good connection in the office, you can use the same concept. If you want to get the best internet connection out of your Wi-Fi router, then it is important that you check all the important features before getting one.

Have you ever thought what are the most important things that you need to know regarding the Wi-Fi router price in BD? Well, if so, you have come to the right place. You need to know that there are many things that can affect your internet speed as well as make it very slow. You may experience problems like streaming videos and Netflix or in connecting to Skype calls. 

Wi-Fi Router Price in BD

If you are searching for a good router that offers you the best connection, this is exactly what you need. As we all know, there are many Wi-Fi routers available in the market but not everyone can give you a stable internet connection. It’s hard to choose the best one out of so many options. This is why we have made your search easier by helping you to find out the best Wi-Fi router available in the Bangladesh market.

Model NamePrice
Xiaomi Mi 4A (Gigabit Edition) 1200Mbps Dual Band Global Version Router2, 600 BDT
Asus RT-AC1200 V2 Dual-Band Wifi Wireless Router5, 200 BDT
TP-Link Archer C6 (US Version-3.20) AC1200 1200mbps MU-MIMO Gigabit Router3, 400 BDT
Tenda F3 300mbps 3 Antennas Router1, 100 BDT
TP-Link Archer C6 (US Version-3.20) AC1200 1200mbps MU-MIMO Gigabit Router3, 400 BDT
D-Link DIR-615X1 N300 300Mbps Wireless Router1, 200 BDT
Netgear R6120 Wireless AC1200 Mbps Dual Band Gaming Router3, 400 BDT

Note that, The Wi-Fi Router price is not an official price. So you have to collect it from the local dealer or seller unofficially. That’s why the price of this cable can vary depending on the shop and location. Furthermore, the manufacturer can increase or decrease the price at any time. We typically update the price of each product on our site once a month.

We can talk about Routers’ price in Bangladesh. This information helps buy a new Router. So here you can see Routers prices in Bangladesh. After all, we hope that the price is not so high of this product in the market. You can buy this Router online or offline.

About wifi Router

Routers are devices that help transfer data from one network device to another. Routers use hardware addresses to identify and manage information over a network. The role of a router is to forward data among computer networks, within LANs or WANs.

A router has several ports which help in physically connecting networks together and the ports must coincide with the type of cable being used. The router has many benefits as it helps in sharing information securely, facilitates remote access, speeds up the system performance, and more.


When it comes to the price of a router, we have tried to provide you with a feasible and average price tag. We also suggested that before you buy a specific brand, confirm the price in shops and markets. In this way come to know about the actual price of a router. If you want to take your home communication to another level, then go for wireless high-end routers which are available at reasonable prices.

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