Yamaha FZ-X Price in BD, Feature, Price, and Review

Yamaha FZ-X Price in BD

Yamaha FZ-X Price in Bangladesh around 3,00,000 BDT to 3,20,000 BDT (approx.). Here are the Yamaha FZ-X Price, Features, and Review

The Yamaha FZ-X is recently released in Bangladesh through Evaly. Do you want to know the Yamaha FZ-X Price in BD? Keep going through the article to find out the price and specification of the newly released bike.

Yamaha has launched FZ-X in India. It has 2 variants. 1) The Standard variant or without Y- Connect. 2) The Bluetooth variant or With Y- Connect. The FZ-X is the first neo-retro motorcycle with a Bluetooth connection. You will be glad to know that this is the most affordable neo-retro roadster in its price. It has the dashing and iconic looking with its body structur and has the power with its components.

Yamaha FZ-X Price in Bangladesh

Yamaha FZ-X is one of the most dashing and powerful bikes in its price. This bike is a mid-range budget bike with its power and advanced specifications. This bike has two variants at two different prices.

Here is the price overview of the bike for Y-Connect and Non-Y-Connect.

Type Price
Yamaha FZ-X Non-Y-Connect 3,00,000/- (approx.)
Yamaha FZ-X With-Y-Connect 3,20,000/- (approx.)

Note that the price of the Yamaha FZ-X is not yet officially disclosed. This is the approximate price as per our research. This bike is coming to Bangladesh very soon. When it comes, we will update the official price. We will update the article once within a  month.

Yamaha FZ-X Bike Review

Yamaha FZ-X is one of the best enjoying neo-retro bikes on the open road with comfort and safety. With this, a rider can feel the pleasure of freedom. The Yamaha FZ-X has the Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder injected “Blue Core” engine which is in a league of its own. It is a full faired bike in the 149cc segment. It is expecting to have a mileage of around 40kmpl. This bike has 5 gears and its max speed is approx 120 km/h.

This bike is used to a diamond-type frame with an offset tank cap. The LED headlight also looks like a retro theme. It has an LED front light and LED rear light. In Yamaha FZ-X there are two-level seats with tuck and roll. It is very comfortable and easier to reach handlebars for a more decent riding position. This bike’s tire type is tubeless, and the front tire type is 100/80-17 and the back tire is 140/60R17.

This FZ-X bike has a 282 mm front disk with a 2 pot caliper make sure pinpoint breaking with more stability and a 220 mm rear disk with Bosch single-channel ABS as usual. Its front suspension contains Telescopic Fork, 41 mm inner tube diameter with fork boot and rear suspension contains 7step adjustable motocross suspension.

Yamaha FZ-X has a fully new advanced instrument called Yamaha Y-Connect app. The Y-connect app display phone notifications on your gadget. Using this Y-Connect app you will get Missed Call and Incoming Alert, SMS & Email, App connectivity, Phone battery level, Fuel consumption, Maintenance recommendation, Last parking position, breakdown or malfunction, bike’s instrument cluster, such as Engine RPM, Degree of throttle opening, Rate of Acceleration, Eco-friendly riding indicator and Real-time Fuel Consumption. But turn-by-turn navigation is absent in this gadget.

Yamaha FZ-X Bike Specification

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Yamaha FZ-X will inspire a whole new generation of the motorcyclist with its toughness and design, comforts, safety, and the adorable price to make every ride feel like freedom and enjoyment. If you need a beast-level bike on a mid-range budget, Yamaha FZ-X is the perfect match for you. We hope you will find the article about the Yamaha FZ-X Price in BD bike helpful.

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