Bolt Bike Price in BD, Feature, and Review

Bolt Bike Price in BD

Runner Bolt 165R Price in Bangladesh: 1,60,000 BDT. Here, we discuss the price and features and review about Runner Bolt 165R

There are many Bangladeshi motorcycle brands manufacturing bikes in Bangladesh. The runner is one of them. Besides, they manufacture bikes in Bangladesh since 2000. Now, in this article we will discuss the newest motorcycle of Runner, which is Runner Bolt 165 R. They launched this motorcycle in Bangladesh in 2020. Instantly they are getting a good response for this bike. Do you want to know the Bolt Bike price in BD? We mention the price and other information in this article. Keep reading the article to know the bolt Bike price.

However, Runner always tries to manufacture bikes at affordable prices with good quality. That is why their motorcycle sales are increasing day by day.

Runner Bolt Bike Price in BD and Color

Runner Bolt 165R is the first naked sporty bike from Runner in the 165cc segment, which is assembled in Bangladesh. Before that, no Bangladeshi company was able to launch and build over 150cc bikes. When it’s released in Bangladesh, it creates hype for the young generation of bike lovers. Besides, this naked sports bike design was inspired by Ducati Monster 1200.

There are three different colors of this motorcycle are available in the Bangladesh market. Which is:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Red

All colors are available in their official showrooms. You can buy it from here. Below we mention the price of this bike.

Runner Bolt 165R Price in Bangladesh: 1,60,000 BDT

Note that, the price of this bike is fully accurate. Also, it is an official price. The given price can be changed in upcoming times. When the price officially changed we will let you know through the article. Typically, we update the price of the products once within a month.

Runner Bolt 165R Bike Review

Earlier, we said that runner Bolt 165R naked sports bike design inspired by Ducati Monster 1200. Also, the concept of front trellis frame and basic headlight design was directly taken from Ducati Monster 1200. In addition, the sculpted fuel tank, golden USD suspensions, up-raised pillion seat, engine cowl, and stunning-looking alloy rims help to give this bike a sporty look. Besides, the golden USD suspension also improves its appearance and gives you comfortable riding on the highway.

This is the Runner’s first 165cc naked sporty bike, but they did a great job in engine performance. Runner bolt 165R bike comes with a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke with 165CC engine. This engine can produce 13.2 Bhp maximum power at 7500 rpm and 14 nm of torque at 6500 rpm, which is good at this budget. Also, the power of this engine can easily cross the 130km/h top speed mark.

Besides that, there is a problem with its gear box. The runner used a 5-speed gear box apart instead of a 6-speed gear box. If used 6-speed gear box in this bike, it would more smooth for more speed. In seating position, Runner uses split seats instead of a single stair seat due to its sporty look and comfortable riding. That’s why it’s super comfortable for riders who want a long ride.

We know sports bike never gives us better mileage. So, we can’t expect this bike to give us better mileage. Normally, mileage depends on the different riders and also different road conditions. But, the Runner company claims that Runner Bolt 165 R can provide us 45 Km/l mileage on the highway and 35 km/l mileage on the city road.

Runner Bolt 165R Bike Specifications

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The runner is getting the trustworthy company in Bangladesh for their good quality products and services. According to our research, we said that Runner Bolt 165R has better qualities than a Japanese bike. Besides, their motorcycle parts are now available all over Bangladesh, and you can easily find their parts. We hope that you will find the article about the Runner bolt bike is helpful.

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