Runner 80cc Bike Price in BD, Feature, and Review

Runner 80cc Bike Price in BD

Runner Dayang Deluxe 80CC Bike Price in Bangladesh: is 69,000 BDT and Runner 80CC Used bike Price: is 40,000-50,000 BDT. Now discuss about the Price, Features, and Details of the Runner Dayang Deluxe 80CC

Do you want to know the Runner 80cc Bike price in BD? Well, you arrived at the right place. Below, we will let you know about the price and specifications of the bike.

Runner motorbikes is a trendy and trusted local brand in Bangladesh. The Runner is one of the most successful Bangladeshi motorbike manufacturing companies and they have a massive manufacturing facility located near Dhaka. Initially, they started with 50cc motorcycles. Now, they are manufacturing bikes at different CC ranges.

Runner 80cc Bike Price in Bangladesh

The runner always tries to manufacture bikes at a reasonable price and gives heavy mileage. That’s why Runner bikes are quite popular in small towns or villages. Besides, day by day its usage is growing in rural areas. The runner also manufactures 100cc,110cc,125cc,135cc, and 150cc bikes, and these are available in the Bangladesh market.

Runner Dayang Deluxe 80CC Bike Price in Bangladesh: 69,000 BDT

Runner 80CC Used bike Price: 40,000-50,000 BDT

Note that, this Runner Dayang 80cc bike price is fully accurate. Also, it’s an official price for Bangladesh. But if you want to buy a bike that uses Runner 80cc, the price may be a bit lower. However, The given price may vary from store to store and the price can be changed in the upcoming time. Typically, we update the price of the product once within a month. We will let you know the price through the article If the price becomes higher or lower.

Runner Dayang Deluxe 80cc Bike Review

Now the motorbike we are talking about is one of the famous motorbikes of runners, which is called Runner AD-80S alloy. Also, Due to its engine performance, it is an effective 80cc motorbike from the runner. The feedback for this bike, which is great for city riding, is much lower than for different runner motorcycles. Besides, for standard class and good quality production, Runner AD-80S alloy is getting popular day by day.

A relatively powerful engine has been used for this 80cc bike. The 85cc displacement engine runner is used for the AD-80S Alloy which adds maximum power of 4.58 KW @5500rpm. The Maximum torque is 5.5 KW @ 5500 rpm. However, the fact is, it’s an 80cc motorbike but the speed of the pinnacles pee is great which is 80 km/h. The bike includes 4- stroke, air-cooled engine generation with self-starts similarly include with a kick.

The runner AD-80S Alloy is a small size fashionable motorbike, its width and peak are 1880 mm,  865mm, and height 1170 mm respectively. Although the fuel tank is quite small, it has a less comfortable seat position. The carb weight of the motorcycle is 86.7 kg which is best for 80cc bikes. This motorbike has all-new traditionally designed device consoles including all the new analogy speedometers, tachometers, and gas gauges.

In this bike, the runner is used for telescopic suspension front wheels and coil-spring suspension for rear wheels. These suspensions are not terrible and they can carry weight. Although it is an 80cc bike, no disc brake is used in it. This bike only includes drum brakes. Typically, 80cc bikes offer a very good mileage. Runner AD-80S Alloy bike gives you 65-kilometer mileage for one liter of petrol.

Dayang Deluxe 80cc Bike Specifications

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Runner Dayang 80CC bike is a good-looking bike in the 80cc bike segment. Its maximum speed is very impressive though after 50 km the bike will vibrate a little. The most positive aspect is that the bike is suitable for rural roads, and in the village. We hope you will find the article about the Runner 80cc bike helpful.

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