Best Films and Slides Scanners of 2024 for Exceptional Digital Conversion

Best Films and Slides Scanners

Nowadays, the convenience of digital cameras allows easy transfer of photos to computers, phones, and external hard drives, a luxury not afforded by older film cameras. For those who have experienced the challenges of viewing, transferring, and storing analog images, the evolution of technology is evident.

If you find yourself with a collection of dusty old slides or 35mm film reels without a functional projector, you might assume that those photos are destined to remain unseen. However, thanks to modern slide scanners, this is not the case.

Top pick

Kodak SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

Kodak RODFS35

KODAK Film Scanner with 14/22MP power, large 3.5″ LCD, versatile adapters, intuitive interface, and included cables for easy digital conversion.

Editor’s choice

Magnasonic All-in-One Film Scanner

Magnasonic FS50

Effortlessly convert various film formats to 24MP JPEG files, view on a 2.4″ LCD, store up to 100 images, and easy editing with plug-and-play interface.

Best value

Veho Film & Slide Scanner

Veho VFS-014-SF

Portable film scanner converts slides and negatives to digital images instantly. Stand-alone design with 2.4″ LCD, one-touch scanning, and optional USB transfer.

Slide scanners leverage advanced optics and powerful scanning technology to digitize old slides and camera film. These compact devices enable the transfer of scanned images to an SD card, facilitating easy access via a computer or laptop. If you’re eager to bring your old photos into the digital age for viewing, storage, and sharing, you’ll appreciate my compilation of the top five slide scanners available in 2024!

1. Kodak SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

Kodak SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

The KODAK Film Scanner emerges as a potent solution for converting aging 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8, and 8mm negatives and slides into JPEG digital files with remarkable speed and efficacy. Boasting a high-resolution capacity of 14/22MP, this scanner guarantees superior image quality, enabling the preservation and digitization of cherished memories.

Equipped with a generously sized and bright 3.5″ TFT LCD featuring adjustable brightness and a convenient tilt function, the built-in color display enhances user interaction for effortless operation and image viewing. The user-friendly interface incorporates a helpful tray and insert directory, facilitating seamless editing of image RGB and resolution. The scanner arrives with multiple film inserts and adapters, ensuring versatility to accommodate various film formats.

Designed for user convenience, the KODAK Film Scanner incorporates prominent one-touch buttons, streamlining the scanning process into a single step for efficient file creation. The package includes essential cables and extras for comprehensive compatibility, catering to both Mac and PC users.

The kit encompasses a USB power cable, HDMI cable, AC adapter, video cable, and a complimentary film cleaning brush. The brush not only aids in cleaning films but also safeguards the lightbox from dust and speckles, preventing any potential marks on the scanned images. With support for SD cards up to 128GB, this scanner stands as a comprehensive solution for digitizing film archives.

2. Magnasonic All-in-One Film Scanner

Magnasonic All-in-One Film Scanner

The Magnasonic FS50 Film Scanner facilitates the effortless conversion of 35mm, 126KPK, 110, Super 8, and negatives into high-resolution 24MP digital photo JPEG files, offering an efficient means to revisit and share cherished memories with a simple button press. Notably, this converter is dedicated solely to handling still images and does not support video formats.

Enhanced with a vibrant 2.4-inch LCD screen, the built-in color display ensures convenient viewing of scanned slides and films without requiring a computer. Alternatively, users have the option to connect the scanner directly to a television using the provided Video Out TV cable, eliminating the need for a computer to transform outdated slides into contemporary digital formats.

The All-in-One Converter comes with a generous 128MB of built-in memory, allowing direct storage of up to 100 images. Additionally, the convenient SD card slot expansion permits users to store extra high-resolution images until they are ready for transfer to a computer, smartphone, tablet, or digital picture frame.

The Magnasonic FS50 excels in delivering a quick and seamless scanning process, eliminating the necessity to precut film into strips. The one-touch scanning software, coupled with the device, enables users to transition from loading to saving in less than 5 seconds, streamlining the digitization process for user convenience.

Boasting a user-friendly plug-and-play interface, the scanner empowers users to commence photo editing straight out of the box, negating the need for intricate computer software or driver installation. The Magnasonic FS50 Film Scanner stands as an accessible and efficient solution for digitizing film archives.

3. Veho Film & Slide Scanner

Veho Film & Slide Scanner

The Veho Film Scanner is a versatile and user-friendly solution for converting 135 slides and 135/110/126 negatives into digital images. Its stand-alone portable design eliminates the need for a computer or additional software, making the digitization process hassle-free. The compact and lightweight construction, coupled with a built-in 2.4″ TFT LCD screen, ensures easy handling, while the one-touch scanning feature enhances user convenience. The Tacton rubber touch finish further adds to the device’s ergonomic design.

With an instant preview and built-in auto-exposure, color balance, and other image enhancements, the Veho Film Scanner guarantees optimal image quality with minimal effort. Users can preview and adjust settings directly on the device, streamlining the scanning process and providing an intuitive experience.

The optional USB connection enhances the scanner’s functionality, allowing compatibility with both Mac and PC for easy file transfer. This dual functionality gives users the flexibility to choose between stand-alone operation or connection to a computer based on their preferences.

In summary, the Veho Film Scanner offers a portable, versatile, and user-friendly solution for digitizing slides and negatives, catering to those looking for an efficient way to preserve and share their analog memories in a digital format.

4. ION Slide and Film Scanner

ION Slide and Film Scanner

The ION Audio Photo Scanner offers a user-friendly and versatile solution for digitizing pictures, slides, and negatives without the need for a computer. Its stand-alone operation enables users to scan directly to the included SD card, ensuring convenience and simplifying the scanning process without relying on a computer.

This photo scanner is equipped with high-resolution scanning capabilities, ensuring that images maintain pristine archival quality, preserving the intricate details and vibrant colors of photos, slides, and negatives. Compatibility with various formats, including 35mm negatives, 35mm slides, and 3×5, 4×6, and 5×7-inch pictures, provides flexibility for digitizing different photo sizes.

Featuring a high-resolution 5.1 MP scanner with up to 2500 DPI, the ION Audio Photo Scanner delivers impressive image quality for accurate and detailed digitization. The built-in color screen allows users to conveniently preview and view their pictures directly on the device.

The scanner includes user-friendly image transfer and editing software, enhancing the overall experience of managing and digitizing a photo collection. Offering a comprehensive solution, the ION Audio Photo Scanner stands out as an efficient and standalone option, providing users with a hassle-free method to convert analog photos and slides into digital formats.

5. ODAK Mobile Film Scanner

ODAK Mobile Film Scanner

The KODAK Cool Tabletop Film Scanner emerges as a charming and practical solution for rediscovering old memories through the viewing of negatives and slide positives with a smartphone. Sidestepping the complexity of intricate devices and expensive digitization services, this tabletop scanner stands out as an accessible and enjoyable option for users. The inclusive package features a collapsible cardboard platform/film tray and a battery-powered LED backlight, delivering subtle illumination with an eco-friendly touch.

Addressing various old photo types, the scanner accommodates 35mm color film negatives, 35mm black & white film negatives, and 35mm color slides. Although primarily crafted for experimentation and play, it incorporates practical features for users keen on exploring photo conversion. The scanner comes complete with a complimentary Android app for scanning, editing, and sharing, complemented by an internal LED backlight, a tray designed for slides/films, and a scan platform tailored for smartphones.

The KODAK scanner takes pride in its convenient collapsing design, allowing the platform and tray to unfold and break down into the size of a small box, ensuring effortless storage and travel. With its lightweight cardboard construction, it serves as an ideal portable companion for a nostalgic afternoon with family.

Operating the scanner is remarkably straightforward—load the film onto the tray, position the lens over the hole, and tap the screen to focus and capture. Despite its classification as a toy, this scanner proves capable of producing impressive pictures, providing a delightful and accessible means to revisit and cherish special moments.


The evolution of film and slides scanners reflects the contemporary demand for preserving and digitizing cherished memories. Devices like the versatile KODAK Film Scanner, the user-friendly Magnasonic FS50, and the innovative KODAK Cool Tabletop Film Scanner showcase unique features catering to diverse needs. Noteworthy are the standalone operation offered by the ION Audio and Veho Film Scanners, providing users with convenient and flexible options.

These scanners address various photo formats, including 35mm negatives, slides, and different photo sizes, offering accessible solutions to convert analog memories into high-resolution digital files. With features such as LCD screens, intuitive interfaces, and easy image transfer capabilities, these devices enhance the overall user experience, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable process.

Choosing a film or slides scanner depends on individual preferences, whether it’s the preference for standalone operation, compatibility with specific photo formats, or additional features like LED backlights. As technology continues to bridge the gap between the analog and digital eras, these scanners emerge as invaluable tools for those seeking to rediscover and share timeless moments captured on film.

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