GPX Demon 150 Price in BD, Feature, and Review

GPX Demon 150 Price in BD

GPX Demon 150 GR Price in Bangladesh: 2,60,000 BDT Here, we discuss the price and features and review about GPX Demon 150 GR

Well, do you want to know the GPX Demon 150 price in bd? well, You arrived at the right place. Below we mention the updated GPX Demon 150 GR price and other information. if you are interested to know about this GPX Demon bike, keep reading this article.

GPX on of the most successful motorcycle brands from Asia. GPX is one of the most popular brands for producing Dirt Bikes and ATV’S. It is a Thai motorcycle brand under the motorcycle manufacturing company GP motor. Currently, the company manufactures a highly featured small capacity of a street bike and sports bike. But, these GPX motorcycles entered Bangladeshi in 2016. The distributor Hafsa Mart limited introduced the GPX motorcycles in Bangladesh.

GPX Demon 150 price in BD

In the beginning, these bikes initially struggle to make a name for themselves in Bangladesh, but now they are slowly gaining popularity due to their quality and design. The GPX Demon 150 GR resemblance to the Ducati Panigale V4, that’s why the GPX demon is gaining much popularity.

The GPX demon 150 GR is a mini sportbike that comes with a full race setup. Besides, this bike includes a full-body, color scheme, sporty clip-on for the handlebars, and inverted suspensions, this suspension is known as a ‘’ USD Suspension’’.

There are many colors GPX Demon 150 GR Comes in Bangladesh. Which is:

  1. Red
  2. Red and White
  3. White
  4. Black and White

However, the black and white and, the red and white version gives you the bike a very sporty look.

GPX Demon 150 GR Price in Bangladesh: 2,60,000 BDT

Note that, the price of the GPX Demon 150GR bike is fully accurate. Also, it is an official price. The given price can be changed in upcoming times. When the price officially changed we will let you know through the article. Typically, we update the price of the products once within a month.

GPX Demon 150 Review

The bike headlights are fully led with two separate sections for high-beam and low-beam. This is the main reason why it looks like Panigale V4. Besides, the GPX demon 150 GR comes with a full LED setup. Because the head section of this bike comes with two LED day running lights which makes the bike look very premium. The backlight and the bike indicators are also LED, which makes the bike very attractive and unique.

In addition, GPX demon 150 GR has a low seating position, which is good for any rider. On the other hand, for those whose height is 5’3 “, this bike is very comfortable for them to ride. Also, this bike has an external seat and comes with a split pillion seat which gives you more comfortable. However, the manufacturing company has equipped it with an 8-liter fuel capacity tank, which is quite difficult to travel long distances.

However, this bike uses a 149cc engine, with a single cylinder and 4-stroke. Also, this engine is carbureted, and air-cooled. The GPX Demon 150 GR length, width, height, and weight of the bike are 1835mm, 750mm, 1050mm, and 130 Kg. Some users of this bike revealed that the bike can hit a speed of 0-60kmph in 4 seconds and also hit a speed of 100kmph in 12 seconds.

In addition, The GPX Demon 150 Gr comes with a front suspension at the front and a basic mono-shock at the rear. Even, the rear mono-shock will be very helpful to keep the bike stable while leaning. In this bike they used USD suspension at the front, it is good for leaning at the corners. Besides, in this bike, they used a very unique wide tire setup. Also, the wide tire setup of the bike makes it a very stable and comfortable bike.

GPX Demon 150 Specifications

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At first, the Bangladesh public thought GPX Demon 150 GR was a Chinese sports bike. When they know that it is a Thai-based bike, the bike started gaining some admiration. GPX Demon 150 GR is very popular among the young generation of Bangladesh. If you are looking for a sportbike within a mid-range budget, GPX Demon 150 GR is highly recommended for you. We hope that you will find the article about GPX Demon 150 GR helpful.

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