Honda CB 125R Price in Bangladesh, Feature, and Review

Honda CB 125R Price in Bangladesh

Honda CB 125r Price in Bangladesh: 4, 00,000 BDT. Here, we discuss the price and features and review about Honda CB 125r

Do you want to know the Honda CB 125R price in Bangladesh? Then you have come to the right place. We will discuss in this article how much is the price of Honda cb125r in Bangladesh and some more information about it. So, let’s start without further ado.

Honda is one of the leaders in the current motorcycle industry market. Honda is a Japanese brand that has dominated the motorcycle industry for many years. They are not only famous for the quality of the engine. Moreover, they are more famous for the quality, durability, and design of their bikes. Their high cc segment motorcycles are extremely popular all over the world.

Honda CB 125R Price in Bangladesh

The Honda CB 125R was recently launched with a new slightly modified design. Its powerful engine keeps it one step ahead. The Honda CBR is the most popular high-segment bike series of Honda motorcycles. It is also a very popular bike in Bangladesh. Moreover, Honda Motorcycle Company has made CBR bikes in the 125 to 1000 cc segment. On the other hand, they also make commuter segment bikes and they are equally famous for this.

A very popular bike among the young generation of Bangladesh. This bike has gained more popularity for its stylish look.

Honda CB 125r Price in Bangladesh: 4, 00,000

This Honda CB 125r price is an official price. Besides, the price of this bike may vary slightly depending on your location and showroom. We have collected the Honda CB 125r price from their official site. If there is any change in the price in the future, we will inform it immediately through article updates.

Honda CB 125R Reviews

Honda Company brings this Honda CB 125R motorcycle to the market to capture their mid-range budget market strongly. They are also very successful and it’s have been widely Response since it came on the market. Besides, it creates hype among the youth generation of Bangladesh, and this bike design easily catches the eye of the youth.


This Honda CB125 r motorcycle is equipped with a 125 cc powerful engine. Moreover, it uses motorcycle engine type four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine. Even the engine has been given four valves to make the motorcycle run smoothly. On the other hand, the fuel delivery system is equipped with electronic fuel injection. It is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox, which can go up to a maximum speed of 120+ kilometers per hour.

Tire and Brake System

The braking system of this motorcycle is very nice, you are able to brake very well on any road. This is because the new Honda CB125R uses a dual-channel ABS braking system. It has 296mm discs with ABS on the front brakes and comes with a 220mm ABS braking system on the rear wheels. The front tires of this bike uses 110/70 radial tubeless tires, which give the bike a very good grip when braking.

Even, the front wheels are given thick tires which is very good. On the other side, 150/60 section radial tubeless tires are used on the rear wheels. Generally, 125 cc segment bikes are not given such thick tires. But braking and cornering can be done very well for thick tires, which you can do with this bike.

Others Features

This bike is equipped with a street diamond frame. Honda CB 125R Length of this bike is 2015 mm, width 820 mm, height 1055 mm, wheelbase 1345 mm, saddle height 816 mm, and ground clearance 140 mm. Moreover, it weighs 130 kg. It has a 10.1-liter fuel tank.

Moreover, Honda has used all kinds of modern features and technology in this bike, that’s why everyone loves it. The instrument panel of this bike has an LED display and comes with a full digital meter. Even speedometers, tachometers, RPM meters have all been given digital meters.


Overall, the Honda CB 125R is a sports naked bike. Its features and design have already enabled it to gain credibility among the youth. If you are looking for a bike in the sports segment, you may want to consider this Honda CB 125R. We hope that this guide has been able to help you with the Honda CB 125R price and other related details.

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