Tea Tree Oil Price in BD

Tea Tree Oil Price in BD

Are you searching for tea tree oil price in BD? Well, you have come to the right page. In this article, we will share with you short details on some of the tea tree oil prices. In addition to the price, we will also tell you about the use and effectiveness of tea tree oil.

As we know, there is a huge demand for tea tree oil in Bangladesh and other countries of the world. There are many reasons behind its popularity. In recent times, people seek for authentic information about Tea Tree Oil Price in BD. Actually, tea tree oil can be used externally to treat a number of health conditions. More importantly, do not confuse tea tree oil with black or green tea common tea plant.

Tea Tree Oil Price in BD

Tea tree oil price depends on the concentration and quality of the product. It is often effective when used in formulation with another essential oil such as lavender, lemongrass, or rosemary. Tea tree oil is available in various forms including essential oils, tinctures, and creams. The tea tree oil price in BD will depend on its quantity and quality.

Tea Tree Oil price in BD is around: 212 BDT (10 ml)

Tea Tree Oil price in BD is around: 600 BDT (30 ml)

Note that the tea tree oil is not available officially in Bangladesh. But you can find them in various shops and showrooms. Therefore, the price also can differ depending on the shop and location. Besides, the manufacturer can increase or decrease the price at any time. We typically update the price of each product on our site once a month.

Uses and Effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural astringent. It can also reduce redness and irritation, making it great for oily skin. When using tea tree oil to treat acne, it’s important to dilute it with water to prevent excessive drying of the skin. Also, tea tree oil can help clear up even chronic acne.

Its germicidal properties are capable of penetrating deep into your pores to clean them out. Apply one drop of tea tree oil to a single pimple up to three times daily. Besides, dilute 30 – 50 drops in a spray bottle with water. Then apply it to the entire face twice daily to prevent breakouts.

On the other hand, tree tea oil can help treat many conditions. Some of the main uses include treating acne, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, lice, and dandruff. However, tea tree oil has a wide variety of uses. This oil may help induce relaxation when inhaled or applied topically. Also, it’s an effective cleaning agent that helps kill bacteria and mold.

Does Using Tea Tree Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Tea tree oil comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, which is native to Australia. It is effective against a wide variety of bacterial and fungal infections. Furthermore, it is also an efficient insect repellent. The essential oil can be applied directly onto the skin or added to lotions, shampoos, and soaps. But undiluted tea tree oil should never be applied to the skin. Otherwise, it can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

It is highly recommended not to swallow or apply tea tree oil in excess. Because it can irritate the gastrointestinal tract due to its strong antibacterial properties. Although, side effects of tea tree oil are rare.


Tea tree oil has several benefits for the human body. It is nature’s gift to mankind and it is found in tropical areas. However, if you want to acquire the best results from this product, you must make sure that it is manufactured with utmost care and inappropriate conditions. This way, you will be able to enjoy its numerous benefits without contracting any kind of infection or allergy.

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