BMX Cycle Price in BD, 2022 [Update]

BMX Cycle Price in BD

Want to know BMX cycle price in BD? You have landed on the right page. This post will help you to know what is BMX cycle stand, what is the purposes of a BMX cycle, and some of their prices.

BMX cycles can be used on a daily basis like in your school, parks, and other public places. The frame used in this type of bike is made up of steel as compared to other bikes.

What is BMX Cycle?

Basically, BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross. This sport was first introduced in USA in the early 1970s. So, it is a very young sport. Nonetheless, it is a sport that is taken place on a BMX bike track or even on a dirt track. You require bare hands, feet, and wearing a helmet during the performance of the sport which is risky at times. The bike is three-wheeled and you can ride by controlling your body weight.

Usually, it has 20-inch diameter wheels with high-diameter tubes. Also, it has thick treads surface which can ensure a comfortable ride to its rider. But also this depends on the width of tires and rims used on the BMX cycle. The best BMX cycle can help you to achieve an adrenaline-filled happiness motivation that makes you participate in this sport more effectively.

What is BMX Cycle Price in BD

There are different types of BMX cycles available in the market which are available at different prices. Some types of BMX cycles are very expensive while some are less expensive. According to our research, below are some BMX bicycle models and their prices. From there, you can choose any one bike.

Cycle Model NamePrice (BDT)
Diamondback Grind13,500
Diamondback Option12,500
Prince Black Bike6,500
XSD 20” Spoke Rim Cycle11,700

Remember, we are not bicycle dealers. We are providing the best possible price from various official sources. Note that the above by cycles are available officially in Bangladesh. But the fact is prices can vary depending on the brand. Furthermore, the manufacturer can increase or decrease the price at any time. We typically update the price of each product on our site once a month.

Review of BMX Cycles in Bangladesh

Diamondback Grind

The Diamondback Grind BMX bicycle is specifically designed for today’s BMX rider. It is made up of high-strength steel. Furthermore, this cycle is designed for action. Surprisingly, it features a rear Tektro U brake and a caliper front brake. Therefore, it is easy to use.

Besides, it comes with durable components and ensures you stay safe but close to the ground. More importantly, designed with the help of professional cycling coaches. Especially, these bikes have been created for your performance and appeal.

Prince Black Bike

Black cycling is the new cycle in the market of BMX. It is a great bike to have if you want to go for street bike riding. This bike has been designed to provide more stability and durability than the previous models. In addition, it is made with a chrome-plated handlebar and stem.

On the other hand, the BMX comes with a freestyle 360-degree pedal for you to turn it up and spin in the air. This model also has 48 spoke wheels that give you a stable outer ride.

XSD 20” Spoke Rim Cycle

The XSD 20″ spoke rim is a kind of bicycle in Bangladesh. Bikes are elaborate with many designs. But BMX cycles are very popular in the boys’ community. Because they love to do stunts and tricks on them. The frame, wheels, and other parts of this bike are made of high-carbon steel. Therefore, the entire BMX cycle is quite strong and durable.

However, the axle bearing capacity of the bike is 140-160 kg. It means that, if you weigh 60 kg, you can ride it easily. This bike was originally imported from Taiwan. But it has been modified locally so that all its parts fit seamlessly with each other.


In general, BMX cycle is worth to have. It is designed for fun and healthy activity. However, there are some bad sides to this BMX cycle. Such as the seat is not that soft. Also, it can hurt your butt if you ride for a long time. But it’s just a small problem. Otherwise, it’s a good choice. If you want to buy a new BMX cycle or upgrade your old one with its many functions as well as affordable price.

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