R15 V3 Indonesia Price in BD, Feature, and Review

R15 v3 Indonesia price in BD

Yamaha R15 V3 (Indonesia edition) price in Bangladesh is: 5,30,000 BDT Here, we discuss the price and features and review about Yamaha R15 V3

Do you want to know the R15 V3 Indonesia price in BD? Well, you arrived at the right place. Below, we will let you know about the Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesia edition bike price and the full information which you need.

At present time, the Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesia version is one of the most attractive, most popular, most loved, and most renowned bikes in Bangladesh. Besides, it comes with an attractive look, a more powerful engine, mind-blowing color combinations with stickers, and many additional features. Also, the Yamaha R15 V3 bike has a few variants and different colors edition available in Bangladesh.

R15 V3 Indonesia Price in BD

In Bangladesh, one of the most popular and loved sports bikes in the 150cc category is Yamaha R15 V2 which is still in the market since 2011. After 6 years, in 2017 Yamaha launched a new version of R15 in Indonesia which is the Yamaha YZF R15 V3 (Indonesia edition).

But, the amazing fact is that the bike is not fully refreshed by R15 V2, it is a completely that has a new engine, new design, and everything about this bike is new except the sports bike.

Yamaha R15 V3 (Indonesia edition) price in Bangladesh is: 5,30,000 BDT

Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesia edition is officially available in Bangladesh. That means you can buy the Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesia edition at the official price.

Note That, the price may vary a bit in the upcoming times. The price could be different at different showrooms and locations. Also, it can be more or less if you are buying from an unofficial manufacturer. If there are any changes in the price, we will let you know by updating the article. We typically update the price of the bikes once a month.

R15 V3 Indonesia Review

The main reason for this bike’s popularity is this bike’s aggressive beauty look. In the market, you can find two variants of the R15 V3 bike which is Indian and Indonesia variant. Both are available in Bangladesh. Also, both are the same, there are somethings difference in the body part and braking part. But, there is no difference in engine elements.

Indonesia’s shape is slightly smaller and lower in size and also 5 kg difference between the two bikes. The weight of the Indonesia version is 137KG and the Indian version is 142KG.

When you look at the body and others elements is not refreshed by R15 V2 or other editions. Besides, when you look at the key system, it has an attractive look with an attractive key system and an additional key lock system. One of the major differences between the Indian version and the Indonesian version is the braking system.

Yamaha Indian version gives duel channel ABS along with disk brake. But, the Indonesia version doesn’t use ABS, they used only a dual disk braking system. We think this is a big advantage for the Indian R15 V3 version. Otherwise, it’s totally up to you, which R15 V3 version you want to buy.

In addition to the specific differences, there may be minor changes that are not considered. Which includes riding and controlling modes, optional features, battery, engine tweaking, color and graphics differences, and much more. But, Indonesia bikes have a very good finish and a very attractive look.

According to our research and user comments, the experience of riding the Indonesian R15 V3 is better than the Indian Version.

Although, the Indian version is also good. After all, the Indonesia version is more attractive in all other directions except the ABS system.

R15 V3 Indonesia Specifications

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After all, different people have different choices. Also, everyone wants their bike to be unique or different. That’s why Yamaha has created their new R15 v3 bike with a few variants which are movie star and monster. Normally, the only difference between these variants is the color. Highly recommended this bike, if anyone can afford it. We hope that you will find the article about the R15 v3 Indonesia bike helpful.

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